Why is Landing Page Testing and Analysis for Performance Needed?

Electronic media is easy to track. However, it’s unforgiveable not to know how your marketing efforts are performing and how hard your dollars are working. This is especially true when it comes to landing page testing and analysis for performance.

As with any medium, you need to track not only how many people clicked to the page but how many registered. Then you need to track how many of those turned into leads and ultimately sales. A low initial response may still pay for itself with high conversions for a high ticket product or service. If you use outbound telemarketing to support your campaigns, that should be factored in as well. Conversions from these calls are typically higher when the prospect remembers seeing the campaign and/or the telesales rep can refer them to it while they’re on the phone.

What to include in Landing Page Testing

Here are some of the landing page components worth testing (see example below):

  • First, the Offer (always our top testing recommendation)
  • Headline (will benefit win over pain point?)
  • Primary graphics (user imagery vs your offer vs your product, perhaps)
  • Form fields (both how many and what information is requested)
  • Call to action (including the design and text in your button)
  • Long vs short copy (short usually wins, but not always)
  • Testimonials (whether to use, placement, one quote vs another)
  • Guarantees, third party validation through reviews or seals of approval
  • Social sharing icons (these can generate additional leads, but they can also cause web visitors to click away from your landing page before registering)

Landing Page Testing Example from NetApp
A campaign for NetApp offered a very attractive 70-piece tool kit as a thank you for registering and attending a demo hosted by a sales representative. This was a great offer that yielded over 230 demo requests from a list of 1,300.
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A/B and Multivariate Testing

You can test landing page elements one at a time with A/B testing (50% of your readers see the “A” page, 50% see the “B” page), or use multivariate testing to swap out elements according to an algorithm until the best performing landing page emerges. Then, because audiences and market conditions are constantly changing, continue to test over time.

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Laurie B. Beasley, Founder and President
Laurie B. Beasley
Founder and President, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc.

How to Conduct Landing Page Testing and Analysis for Performance
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How to Conduct Landing Page Testing and Analysis for Performance
Landing page testing and analysis for performance is essential for any business website. You need to track number of clicks, registrations, leads and ultimately sales. A low response is not necessarily bad if there are a high number of sales. Testing and analyzing your landing pages will give you valuable information about how and where to spend your limited marketing budget, and increase ROI. Learn landing page testing and analysis best practices now.
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