Custom Trade Show Booth Design

Exhibit Booth Graphics

Trade show booth design, retail kiosk or other exhibit design should invite people in, then reward them with a relevant experience that supports your marketing objectives. You need to be true to your branding but translate it into an interactive, multi-dimensional experience. Your exhibit booth graphics also needs to attract attention in a busy environment where there is intense competition for the eye. Beasley can help you achieve all these objectives.

We’ll start planning your trade show booth design by asking about the strategy of your participation. A booth that seeks to engage visitors in conversations and demonstrations will have a very different layout than one that’s simply designed to collect leads. We’ll ask about the shows where you participate and research the environment including traffic patterns and the major players. We’ll want to understand your use of colors and logos so we can build on brand recognition while introducing you to a broader audience with your exhibit booth graphics.

We’ll also ask about budget and other practical considerations. A smaller booth, even one with a modular design, can seem bigger than it is through the creative use of vertical space. A large booth can be made to work harder with multiple zones and entry points—or you may be able to downsize without losing impact, and free up dollars to use for event promotion. Part of the budget consideration: the logistics of getting your booth to the show, and getting it set up and broken down.

On the trade show or other exhibit environment, your exhibit booth graphics display represents your company to people who may have no prior connection or awareness of you. Let Beasley help you make that first encounter positive and profitable through your booth design.

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