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Managing Your Campaigns with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Services

Why Hire Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc. to Boost Your PPC Advertising Results?

To realize the full power of Pay-per-Click advertising you need a team with deep expertise in PPC—and Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc. has the experience you need. Nearly 20 years of managing PPC advertising for clients of every size and category ensures your PPC ads target precisely the right audience with exactly the right messaging—making it much easier to turn leads into sales. Plus, our PPC experts work as partners with your team to create campaigns that minimize spend and maximize ROI.A B2B ecommerce marketer switched its Pay per Click management to Beasley, ROI increased from 3:1 to 7:1

What Differentiates Our PPC Advertising Services?

PPC Advertising from Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc. delivers powerful strategies for reaching in-market searchers for your products or services. And unlike others in this highly automated medium, the human factor plays a star role. Our seasoned team has the skills and instinct to test and fine tune ads, keywords and landing pages for optimal results—while also using sophisticated tools to further maximize response.

How do I know my PPC Ads will Reach Well-Targeted, In-Market Searchers?

Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc.’s, PPC experts ensure in-market searchers see your ads first by using best practice methodologies that include:

  • An exact understanding of your customer’s needs
  • Thorough keyword research
  • Precision audience targeting
  • Exhaustive placement research
  • Comprehensive split testing
  • Diligent remarketing
  • Exhaustive analytics conversion tracking and goal setting

Plus, each of our PPC advertising platforms includes sophisticated targeting tools to help you reach customers.

What Else Should I know About Creating PPC Ads?

In addition to knowing how to create relevant ads, you need appropriate landing pages to get high response and ROI. And remember: text ads need to get high marks on Google’s Quality Score, since a good Quality Score lowers campaign costs while improving ad position. There are tools that can help. But effective Pay-per-Click ad creation is an art as well as a science—and our expertise reflects refinement in both.

How Will Beasley Direct and Online Marketing Inc. PPC Advertising Services Add Up for Me?

You benefit from experience in managing PPC campaigns for clients whose spend ranges from $2,500 per month up to $250,000 per month—across a wide range of industries, and for both B2B and B2C campaigns. Moreover, you enjoy personal service and not just auto-generated end-of-the-month reports. Our philosophy is never settle and continually test. Because the marketplace is always changing. And there’s always room to increase campaign ROI while lowering costs.

What is a Typical PPC Engagement Like for Clients?

In a typical optimization engagement, our team performs an overlay of traffic patterns and net response goals. Then we match this against your budget to find the sweet spot where traffic volume and conversion cross. You will not win on every search (an expensive budget choice) but you’ll get the traffic you need without exceeding daily budget. Often, through PPC campaign optimization, we are able to further fine-tune the campaign by adding geographical and/or time-of-day variants. The end goal of our PPC optimization efforts is always the same. We get your product or service in front of the right people at the right time and at the right cost per sale.

Our team does this with smart keyword bids, reflecting your unique selling proposition, then create well-written responsive ads which we continually test, revise and improve. We also work with you to build strong, actionable landing pages that pay off the promise of the ads.

Get started planning, creating and launching your PPC campaigns now.

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Focus Product Design presented Beasley Direct with the challenge of reducing spend on PPC advertising while maintaining lead quality and lead flow. Beasley Direct was able to achieve a 50% reduction in PPC advertising spend while maintaining both quality and quantity of inbound leads.
— Andrew Cain — Digital Marketing Manager — Focus Product Design
We highly recommend Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc. for Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn. Beasley works very hard to meet tight deadlines and budgets.  We are a start up and needed to experiment with a lot of different offers and they were very patient with us to write, and re-write and launch many new ad groups and continually measure results.  They exceeded our expectations in every task we assigned them.
— Giacomo Lami — GM & Product Executive — Got-It, Inc.
We are a non-profit, and Beasley handles our Google grant account. Google grants can be difficult to manage and fully utilize, but the staff at Beasley has helped us to make the most of this account. We are very pleased with the results that Beasley has provided for us!
— David Fletcher — Marketing Coordinator — National Constitution Center
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PPC advertising is powerful because it reaches targeted web users as they are searching for the exact product or service that you can offer them. This ability to get in front of a targeted audience when they are looking for a solution you offer makes it much easier to turn them into customers.