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Improve Your Results With Our Five Free Digital Marketing Audits

Our free digital marketing audits reveal secrets that help companies improve search rankings, conversions, increase traffic and consumer interaction. Our detailed studies of websites, social media, Google, and Amazon pay-per-click activities help our experts prepare and deliver a comprehensive review to help you get better results.

Digital marketing audit reports include expert analysis with rankings and recommendations, including competitive and/or industry intelligence. Each review is delivered in an educational 30-minute presentation. Findings are transparent and sent to you following a question and answer session. You can take our list and fix items yourself or hire our team to advise you in next steps. No strings attached.

SEO Audit

Find out what easy fixes you can make to improve your web visitor experience from errors that block or slow traffic to missed link-building opportunities that attract new, additional prospects. Each audit includes studies of technical, content and link-building issues. Every company gains substantial insights, often with dozens of changes to tackle to improve conversion and beat competitors.

Free Google Ad Audit

It’s a challenge to keep PPC costs down and search rankings up with constant changes in search engine algorithms, competitor and in-house promotions. Learn what simple changes can increase efficiencies in campaign structure, keyword, ad and bid strategies and conversion tracking. Read more about our free PPC audit.

Amazon Marketing Services Audit

Keyword advertising on Amazon is still in its infancy, a great time to get in and reap the benefits before it gets saturated. Learn what your competition is doing and what you can do about it from our pros with experience on Amazon’s self-serve platform. Learn strategic tips unique to Amazon’s platform to increase search results.

Social Media Audit

Get feedback on your social media practice quantitatively, qualitatively and compared to your competition and/or industry. Our veterans review your messages, interactions and reputation management. They’ll document and submit their findings, make recommendations to improve rankings and sales and then answer your questions about the results.

Sales Gap Analysis Audit

Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc., is all about getting the best conversion and the best return on marketing investments. That’s why we offer a free demonstration of our Sales Gap Analysis Calculator to determine the number of qualified leads needed to meet revenue goals. After we walk through an example with you, we’ll turn the Calculator results over to you for future campaign use.

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