Event Marketing Strategies

Event Marketing Strategy

Event planning is often tactical and reactive. You’re responding to requirements from the show floor organizer or the venue planner, and you’re focused on avoiding mistakes and missing deadlines. That’s fine—but you can’t afford to lose sight of why you’re participating in the first place.

In the early stages of event planning, Beasley’s event marketers can help you with messaging concept development. Our event marketing strategy will focus on listening carefully to your event goals, understanding your target audience, and providing concept development that could range from a complete messaging platform to specific communications and event signage. We’ll advise on the best sequence and timing of pre-event communications and how to say just enough to stimulate excitement and curiosity.

If you’re already underway with pre-event planning and your registrations are falling short or your communications have wandered off-message, it’s still not too late to engage professional event marketers. Beasley has been called in repeatedly to revitalize an event campaign or to redo an in-house effort. The most common errors are trying to say too much, providing too many confusing calls to action, and satisfying the desire of internal stakeholders to position the event at the expense of building excitement.

Keep in mind that event messaging has a well-defined framework, but that means you are in competition with everyone else who is clamoring for the attention of your target at the show or on their calendar. We’ll help make yours the “can’t-miss” booth or event.

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