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Is Your Social Media Performing as Well as it Could Be?

Get the answer with a free Social Media audit prepared for your company

Find out what you might be missing and how your company stacks up. Too many companies jump into social media without a plan. Without objectives, organizations certainly don’t achieve them.

Social media platforms offer tremendous audience with the opportunity to reach prospects. The challenge is to strike the delicate balance of relationship-building with soft-sell conversion tactics in today’s two-way street of new communication.

Our team of experts will review your social media activities both quantitatively and qualitatively –for free. It’s our way of introducing the transparent, educational way we work. We’ll provide you with top-line findings in the following key areas with scoring against these and other aspects:

  • Messaging you control
    • Strategy
    • Content quality
      • Writing
      • Visuals
    • Statistics and interpretation
    • Posting frequency
  • Messaging you don’t control
    • Prospects, partners, press, influencers, industry, competition
      • Interactions
      • Sharing
      • Social proof
      • Conversion
  • Messaging you manage
    • Reputation
      • Reviews
      • Customer service

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