Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is making a comeback in the electronic era. According to the DMA Statistical Fact Book, mail volume is up sharply in some industries, such as credit offers and retail. And when compared to other marketing channels, direct mail marketing can yield higher conversions and thus higher return on investment.

All these factors are encouraging because direct mail done properly is among the most responsive of all media. You have the real estate and the technology to tell your story in detail—and at Beasley, a direct mail agency, we do it well. Our sweet spot is lead generation direct mail advertising for complex or technical products, but we’ve successfully applied the same principles to products from solar, to financial services and healthcare. Ask us to help strategize your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Laurie and her team were great. They helped me create a very successful direct mail campaign, that generated high quality, excellent leads. They were strategic, thoughtful, creative and very easy to work with. Thank you!
— Joel Spolin, President - Spoloan

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Strategy

Because of the cost factors, production time and many moving parts, you can’t afford careless planning in direct mail marketing campaigns. You need a partner with the diverse experience of Beasley’s direct mail consultants.

We work with our clients on every step of direct mail marketing, or as many areas as you need help—starting with list procurement through copy, design and print production management. Increasingly, campaigns are part of a multi-touch, multi-channel effort that can include direct mail, email, online advertising, and telemarketing efforts. We help clients with all channels, and we make sure their direct mail strategies align in message and timing.

For B2C we’ve created direct sales and lead generation campaigns for tech products, solar, financial institutions, entertainment, retail, and health care among many others. For B2B we’ve worked on direct mail marketing campaigns for clients in technology, financial services, business services, and more. Our lead generation campaigns are informative and work hard to get a conversation started with the prospect. They can be in #10, miniature or oversized envelopes, or delivered in dimensional carriers such as boxes and tubes to add extra intrigue.

As direct mail consultants we’re proud to have partnered with our clients on these successful direct mail marketing campaigns—and proud to have been awarded industry awards which are given for effectiveness, not just pretty envelopes.

Direct Mail Copywriting & Direct Response Copywriting

Each Beasley direct mail copywriter follows a proven formula on every assignment to ensure they generate Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA) in the form of a request for more information or a direct sale.

To do this effectively, your Beasley direct mail copywriter understands your product or service, your audience, and how the two intersect. There are no shortcuts in this process. We take the time to learn what your buyer needs and how you deliver it. And then your Beasley direct mail copywriter tells your story in compelling language that connects with the reader as a human being. (Jargon for its own sake is never permitted.)

These direct response copywriting rules apply whether we’re writing a short email or postcard, a response-grabbing landing page, or a complex nurturing campaign for a high ticket product spread over many contacts and many months. We think of our copy as the equivalent of salesmanship in print (or on the mobile, notebook or media screen) and as your direct mail copywriter we strive to close the deal with compelling benefits to deliver a qualified, knowledgeable lead to the sales team.

Direct Mail Design

The designer’s role has become more challenging as new marketing channels emerge. Consistent visual organization and graphics must be translated across many devices. An email must create a graphics and text layout that can be viewed and is readable on both a mobile device and a desktop screen, both which display the message very differently. Even traditional print and direct mail design has changed, as readers spoiled by YouTube and brought up on the web demand quick reads and calls to action.

But, while we’ve adapted to the new technologies, we haven’t been seduced by it. As a seasoned, professional direct mail design agency we’ll never try to sell you the latest graphical bells and whistles for their own sake because we think it would be fun to work with them. People are still people and eyes still absorb information as they always have, connecting to brains which make logical assumptions and conclusions. We understand both the rules by which your audience interacts with your graphical message and the hot buttons which can allow us to short-circuit that system for attention and a rapid response from direct mail design.

We also appreciate the stage management opportunity that is unique to direct mail. In a multi-component direct mail design package, we guide the reader experience by the way the pieces are arranged and the eye flow within each piece, so they discover your story exactly as you planned it. The same rules apply even to postcards, where we plan for maximum impact in the competitive environment of the mailbox.

In short, our approach to graphic design gives you the best of today’s technology combined with a timeless approach to visual communication that is appropriate to your message and your brand. When you work with Beasley on direct mail designs, you can be confident an experienced creative director is in the room.

Direct Mail Lists

In the 25 years as a direct mail company we’ve been renting direct mail postal lists for our clients, the process has become increasingly complex. Today your direct mail list contacts may be part of a multi-touch campaign so you’ll want to know whether the same names are available as email lists and telemarketing lists. And if you’re marketing a technical, high ticket product you may need to reach multiple titles within the same company—such as the person who signs the Purchase Order, and the person who actually uses the product.

All of this complexity can increase the task of a direct mail list selection exponentially, for the marketer who tries to do it in-house—and also increase the possibility of a disappointing mailing result if the lists aren’t what they appear to be. The smart alternative is to let Beasley, a direct mail company, source your direct mail lists for you. There’s just one broker—us—no matter how many lists are involved and no additional paperwork to deal with. And you can be sure we’ll help you design a test and roll out plan and track results on the back end because results are what you’re paying us for.

In addition, Beasley as a seasoned direct mail company is experienced in the acquisition of international direct mail lists for your global campaigns. And we’re fully conversant with mailing requirements both in the U.S. and abroad, so we can maximize delivery.

Print Production Management

Whatever format or level of personalization is created, Beasley print production services strive to produce it for the best turnaround and best price—and that includes postage.

Beasley’s very strict print production management quality control procedures ensure that personalization matches and the mail pieces are assembled properly. Printers have told us our instruction documents and quality control requirements are the most thorough and strictest they’ve ever received. And you can bet we’ll be there when your job goes on press. We’ll personally supervise the quality control all the way from the press to the lettershop.

As part of Beasley’s print production services we will also use the most sophisticated technology available to track your mail quality and delivery. We will monitor your mail delivery, and in real time you will know exactly when and where every single piece of mail is delivered, using a combination of online technology and the U.S. Post Office Intelligent Mail Barcode.

Most print production management agencies won’t tell you (or don’t know) that you can often achieve significant savings by shipping your mail to a regional mail center for processing in order to achieve a larger presort discount, because you’ve got greater geographical penetration in that SCF. That’s an example of how clients can benefit from our unique expertise. The bottom line is that our experience will save you money and give you confidence in the delivery of your direct mail campaign.