lead generation guide coverAfter years of tracking metrics and diagnosing lead-to-sales funnels for more than 100 firms, we have determined that it can easily take seven to 13-plus touches to deliver a fully qualified B2B lead to the Sales department. Rarely can anyone get away with only one (or even a few) communications efforts to fully profile and score a sales-ready lead. The good news: there are many things you can do to shorten the sales-lead generation qualification process. We outline them in this lead generation guide.

Read this lead generation guide to learn:

  • Why sales and marketing live in separate worlds, and how to bridge the gap.
  • Why most prospects never receive enough touches, and how to fix it.
  • And, why it takes so many touches, and 12 ways to shorten the lead nurturing process.
  • Plus, two multi-touch, multi-channel case studies.

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