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Five Good Reasons to Get an Objective Third Party Audit of Your Marketing Automation System

Why get a marketing automation audit? A marketing automation audit is an objective third-party evaluation of your Marketo and/or Pardot (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) instance. The purpose is to know how well they are working with your salesforce automation software to...

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How Using Good Old Fashioned Plain Text Emails May Become the “New” Email Nurture Tactic

Email nurture may be coming “full circle” I remember the first time as a young marketing manager at a software company in the 1980’s we were given an email account to communicate with our co-workers. It was text only, kludgey,...

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10 Steps to Integrate Marketing Automation Platforms and CRMs with Google Ads

Integrating Your Marketing Automation Platform and CRM with Google Ads is a Common, but Complex Issue When you search Google on the phrase “Integrating your CRM with Google Ads,” about 2.8 million results are offered. Obviously, this is a common...

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