Month: August 2016

LinkedIn Advertising – Best Practices, How to Use Basic Ads and Sponsored Updates

Why there’s no better way to zero in on B2B than LinkedIn Advertising Designed specifically for professionals, LinkedIn is built from the ground up for delivering business-focused content to its community. Users provide high levels of information about their professional...

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Facebook Advertising Best Practices, and How to Create Ads Using Ad Creator and Power Editor

Facebook Advertising Best Practices & Why it Pays to Advertise on Social Media’s Biggest Platform. Before focusing on Facebook advertising best practices: Justify your budget with the reasons it pays to advertise on social media’s biggest platform. Facebook is more than...

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Social Media Advertising: Driving Response from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Why is social media advertising different? What are the best practices? The big difference between social media and other online advertising is sharing. Users’ love of divulging details about their personal and business lives sets it apart from email marketing...

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