Month: July 2013

Why Have Prospects Stopped Submitting Contact Info on Lead Forms? And What Can You Do about It?

By Laurie B. Beasley, President, Beasley Direct Marketing Symptoms of the decline: Over the past four months we’ve noticed a pronounced trend: prospect lead form submissions are declining in raw numbers and in percentages of clicks-to-submissions. Yet other forms of...

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Content Marketing Tips: Making Your Content Work for You

By John Thyfault, Vice President of Search & Social Strategy, Beasley Direct Marketing Content Marketing Tips In our first blog about content marketing, we mentioned that sharing original content is important. The whole purpose of content marketing is predicated on having...

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Content Marketing and the Sales Funnel: An Indirect Road to Direct Sales

By Laurie B. Beasley, President, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing  Content Marketing Content marketing is a newish term for an oldish concept. That is, surround your customers with information and education they need to feel motivated to do business with you....

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