optimized landing pagesWant to get more sales leads from the same investment? Start with the landing page that people see when they click to your website. Make a few tweaks, and you can double your conversions compared to a generic landing page. That’s according to a new report from Beasley Direct, Capture More Leads with Optimized Landing Pages.

A hands-on guide based on 300 plus client engagements.

Landing pages—also called registration pages or jump pages—are the intersection of your sales lead database and the universe of potential prospects for your product or service. A prospect sees your email, print promo or web and types in or clicks on a URL and the process begins. If all goes well, you’ll soon have contact information that’s the first step toward a possible future sale.

But according to MarketingSherpa Research, as many as 50% of web visitors will click away from your landing page within the first 8 seconds of their visit because they see nothing that appeals to them. A potential lead is gone—and so is the investment you made to acquire it. And that’s where the new guide comes in.

Says agency principal Laurie Beasley, “we were accumulating all this information and experience based on the increasing number of client projects, and it didn’t seem fair to keep it all to ourselves.” The report includes checklists, tips and best practices for increasing web registrations and improving ROI—based on more than 300 client engagements plus authoritative independent research. The goal is to give marketers actionable information they can put to work for better clickthroughs and higher conversions.

“Practicing what we preach” with personalized email campaigns.

Beasley Direct has been promoting the new guide with a direct email program that follows many of the principles described in the guide. Both the recipient’s name and a personalized URL or PURL (pronounced “pearl”) are in the headline: “Laurie, your personalized landing page is waiting for you. Find out what’s on it at?www.beasleydirect.com/Laurie-Beasley “. The personalization extends to a variable “just for you” offer on the landing page, which also features rich personalization.

Says Laurie Beasley, “this is one of the most successful self promo campaigns we’ve ever done, by far. The responses are great and we’re hearing from big companies that are usually impervious to email promotions. Good thing we’re practicing what we preach!”