Case Studies Detail Techniques to Snag More Demos and Sales Appointments.

DMA Echo Award for outstanding meeting maker campaign strategies.

Meeting Maker Campaigns generate qualified leads that win awards for results!

To realize the best ROI, companies with big-ticket products and services not only want to improve their sales conversions, but also need to shorten their lead-to-sales cycle. Our team understands these special lead nurturing requirements so well that we’ve named these programs “Meeting Maker Campaigns”. Each project entails a painstaking process to recognize problems, plan, coordinate, test, monitor, analyze, tweak, re-test and repeat. It sounds like a lot of activity, and it is, but it is so worth the effort.

We’ve had the pleasure to drive projects and achieve some spectacular results several times greater than the original goals, earning many DMA ECHO and other awards for results as well as creativity. We share highlights of our extensive experience with hundreds of campaigns for technology, financial, healthcare, business and high-end consumer goods and services in the Resources portion of this site.

4 Examples of Meeting Maker Campaign Strategies

Here’s a brief look at four remarkable examples that demonstrate our distinct strategic approach to capture more qualified leads, consequently speeding up sales closes with Meeting Maker Campaigns.

  1. Choreographing intricate lead flow crushes goals by over 1000%!
  2. To deliver qualified leads, this elaborate program started with a dimensional direct mail door opener that drove actions on a landing page to sign up for a demo. Emailings followed next, then outbound telemarketing and finally responders. The results and creative strategy of this campaign won an International ECHO Award. Click here to get lead generation ideas from this chronicle.

  3. Face-to-face with “warmed-up,” qualified leads campaign hits 167% of goal
  4. Understanding the target was critical to create the right appeal for Anritsu. Our multi-touch campaign used another dimensional direct mail package with a special offer, which led to a white paper download. Read the full details to see how we generated $2.8 million in sales in just three months.

  5. Appointment-setting multi-touch, multichannel campaign yields $2.5 million
  6. PPC advertising, trade shows and email weren’t hitting sales goals for an industrial glove corporation. Telemarketing lead prospecting and qualification coupled with list and offer testing made the difference. Click to see how we used best practices to solve the revenue problem with just 4.28 average touches, instead of the usual 7-13 communications.

  7. Messaging, tele-prospecting and timed follow-up narrow lead-to-sales gap
  8. When a wide-area network software optimization company came to BDOM for help with qualification and neglected potential leads, we began by looking at the difficulty to get the attention of their IT professional target. We also reviewed their current activities, which were already wide-ranging, but had no process for lead qualification.

    Learn how BDOM diagnosed problems, tested lists and creative, spun on a dime to tweak and execute a campaign which cut down the competitor’s market share. We created a coordinated dance of messaging, telemarketing lead qualification and sales team follow-up with enticing content that continues successfully today.

If you’d like to explore creative opportunities to address your lead generation, sales conversion and quality issues, reach out. BDOM’s team enjoys a good challenge. Contact us to brainstorm multi-touch, multichannel methods, such as dimensional direct mail and lead generation and qualification through telemarketing, to hit your target goals.

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By Jan Carroza, VP of Business Development and Account Management, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc.