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How to Use Email Validation Services—and Understand their Results

The Sad Reality of Email List Churn It is estimated that 30% of email lists turnover (become inactive) per year. Simply divide 30% by 12 months, and you will realize that upwards of 3% of your list could be deprecating...

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Five Big Things We Learned Through Extensive Testing on a B2B Client’s Email Newsletter Template

1. Assumptions and opinions don’t increase opens and clicks—but testing them does. One thing we’ve learned in over 20 years as an email marketing agency, managing email campaigns and regular e-newsletter sends for clients, is that assumptions and opinions...

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How we Re-Designed a Marketo Email Template for HEAT Software — for a Better Mobile Experience and Presentation of the Brand

The Existing Marketo Email Template Didn’t Meet their Needs. HEAT Software had eGuides and white papers they wanted to promote, however their off-the-shelf Marketo email template seemed a little choppy in the presentation of the offer.  And, it didn’t...

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