How We Optimized Lead Generation for Sentilla (now part of Ericsson)

Project Details

Project Description

Sentilla Intelligence SoftwareSentilla is a provider of IT infrastructure intelligence software, recently purchased by Ericsson. We were engaged to help Sentilla improve all lead generation and hand-off to sales. This involved optimizing Marketo, Salesforce and their website hosted in WordPress.

First we took all leads hosted in Marketo and performed several data hygiene routines to de-duplicate, remove un-deliverables or in-actives, standardize field values, and append industry data to the leads. We worked extensively in Marketo to re-define lead scoring and reporting, and then revised lead assignment rules in Salesforce and trained sales personnel on the process for converting leads to opportunities and or accounts. We also improved the functionality of all landing pages hosted on the WordPress website and optimized the scripts writing those leads into Marketo. We also became the de-facto web masters for the website and performed daily content updates and all technical updates.

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