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Superior Glove Integrated Marketing Campaign

Integrated advertising page for Superior GloveSuperior Glove is leading industrial glove manufacturer. The average value of new glove customer account can be over $50,000/yr. Their target market is decision makers in: safety, operations, and the purchasing department.

Their goal was to increase incremental sales by 2-3X their previous year. We suggested the best way to do this is to keep their very well qualified sales people doing what they do best: Selling. Our multi-touch marketing effort would do the hard work of targeting key accounts, profiling them, and delivering qualified sales opportunities to sales department.

We executed a multi-touch nurturing program, where we tested their home grown house list vs. a rented list. We also tested two offers: Free glove sample vs. a very helpful free book on glove protection. The first touch was the email campaign, followed up by multiple touches of tele-prospecting and email follow up. We discovered that the prospect audience was very receptive to both offers, and we decided to concentrate on the free glove offer since Sales was sending the glove sample to everyone anyways.

During the first 9 months of this campaign we were able to exceed the client’s lead goal by 143%.