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Solar Universe

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Solar Universe is a leading consumer and commercial solar installer, and the company had a unique challenge. They had used a direct mail marketing package that had worked well for two years, but felt like the creative was getting fatigued from overuse. So they asked Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc. to develop two new direct mail marketing tests with the hope of beating the current package control.

To effectively develop a direct mail marketing strategy, we must understand our client’s product or service, audience, and how the two intersect. There are no shortcuts in the direct mail marketing strategy process. We take the time to learn what your buyer needs and how you deliver it. And then we tell your story in compelling language that connects with the reader as a human being. (Jargon for its own sake is never permitted.)

Through extensive customer feedback, Solar Universe knew a couple of things about their customers: One, they feel “used” by how much their current utility provider is charging them; two, they realize saving money on utilities meant they have more money to spend on something else. We tapped into this sentiment, presenting several concepts to Solar Universe, of which two were chosen for the test. We also provided radio scripts and landing page design to accompany the direct mail packages, and managed the list build and printing for the direct mail tests.