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Silver Peak

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Silver Peak Integrated Marketing Campaign

Integrated advertising ad for Silver PeakSilver Peak Systems offers a WAN (wide area network) optimization product. This is a complex sale to an over-busy IT target. The “pain” is felt when applications run too slowly on a network. But isolating the speed issue is difficult, and often trumped by other priorities.

Silver Peak had been doing email campaigns offering webinars and white papers. However these leads were piling up in the sales automation as unqualified, top-of-funnel leads. Sales and marketing were at odds, struggling over not enough – and not good enough – quality leads being directed into the right place.

We analyzed this situation and implemented some immediate fixes. First we conducted an offer and list test to verify the best approach for this marketplace. We then began to follow up via telemarketing and nurture touches to qualify and profile the inbound leads. We also began to call into the remainder of the “non-responder” list. This involved a significant amount of navigation and touches to get to the real decision maker. It took on average, 7 to 13 touches to get to a qualified sales opportunity.

The result of this campaign was a methodology to reliably and predictably fill the sales funnel each month, with the number and quality of leads needed to make their sales goals each quarter.