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Project Description

Integrated advertising and telemarketing services ad for DeepNinesBeasley Direct implemented for DeepNines an aggressive Fall campaign to Internet administrators in K-12 schools to present the benefits of its iTrust unified security system. We knew that this kind of sale could have a three to six- month sales cycle, but the client needed to close sales fast, so we implemented a multi-touch and enticing offer strategy to deliver closed sales by the end of the year.

Our E-mail and telemarketing services experts created a web registration system. To sweeten their interest in attending an informative webinar, we offered a gift certificate for a FREE lunch at Subway. Each webinar attendee was also entered into a sweepstake to receive one of 15 free Mac minis to be given away to schools.

The entry point for the email is a photo of a school bus with several teenage youth peering out the back. The photo has callouts from websites teenagers frequent, which present security and hacking threats. The headline reads: Look who’s coming back to school. What do they know about Internet security that you don’t? Find out in a FREE webinar.

A direct mail campaign was designed to play off the theme, “Attend an Informational Webinar and Have Lunch on Us.” The mailing vehicle is a white lunch bag with a tease, and inside is a letter and one-page fact sheet explaining the webinar and free lunch offer, plus the drawing for the free Mac minis.

The results for the number of qualified leads placed into the sales pipeline before the end of the Fall quarter were at 110% of goal, and the campaign was extended into the first and second quarters of the next year due to its success rate.

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