How We Implemented Marketo Marketing Automation and Lead Qualification Telemarketing for

Project Details

Project Description Marketing Automation Platform is the United States’ largest business payment network with over 500,000 members and more than $12 billion in annual payments.

Before we arrived, had implemented Marketo’s marketing automation platform, but didn’t have the staffing to continue its operation. We provided dedicated staff to run Marketo, implemented list cleaning and verification, revised lead scoring and reporting.

We also did the copywriting and design on several multi-touch account based marketing campaigns — and we brought in telemarketing to follow up on inbound leads and to call non-responders. This process helped to generate 30-60 qualified sales opportunities per month, which exceeded their goals by 300%. We also trained internal marketing staff on how to use Marketo.

Do you need additional Marketo staff to help run your marketing automation? Our experienced Marketo professionals exceeded’s goals by 300%, while remaining within budget. Call Beasley today and talk with our Marketo staffing experts, and let’s exceed your goals.