How We Implemented Email Marketing and Lead Qualification Telemarketing for SugarCRM

Project Details

Project Description

SugarCRM a complex marketing clientSugarCRM provides a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Before we arrived, SugarCRM didn’t have an email marketing or marketing automation system in place. We assessed their needs and given their budget and staffing constraints, we advised that an easy-to-learn email sending platform would serve their needs rather than the expense of a complex marketing automation set up.

We implemented ExactTarget (part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud) and interfaced it with their Salesforce account. We provided staff to implement their weekly campaigns for them. We also did the copywriting and design on a multi-touch account based marketing campaign — and we worked with telemarketing to follow up on inbound leads and to call non-responders. This process helped to generate 30-50 qualified sales opportunities per month, which exceeded their goals by 200%. We also trained internal marketing and sales staff on how to use ExactTarget, and designed custom reporting dashboards from Salesforce to meet the executive teams’ needs in evaluating the marketing to sales pipeline.

There’s a solution to meet your needs. Beasley’s experts met and exceeded the needs of SugarCRM by 200%. Call Beasley today and let’s talk about finding a solution to your email marketing needs.