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Goodmail Systems

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Making web banners ads work harder for GoodMail Systems

Goodmail Systems banner ad 468x60At Beasley Direct, we are constantly testing and refining our media plans for clients to uncover the most effective “microtargeting” for a specific campaign. Banner ads in e-newsletters are typically a cost-effective media placement when compared to larger-volume or broad-interest websites.

In this example we were promoting GoodMail’s webinar on email deliverability in several different marketing newsletters, each aimed at a specific industry segment. The banners had to be intrusive without shouting, and they had to fit specs that were different from one newsletter to the next. (One of the banners even came with a secondary banner as part of the buy; we used it for a visually related story about GoodMail Systems itself.) This no-shortcuts approach resulted in a highly effective campaign for our client.