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Project Description

How much data should you collect on a landing page? Ask EMC Documentum.

The goal of this page is to get mail-generated leads to register on the EMC Documentum website and opt-in so we can send them marketing and informational messages in the future. Less is more: we already had some contact information (from the postcard that generated this response). The function of this page is simply to a) capture the first and last name (to confirm the identity of the person actually registering, and so we can address them personally in the future) and b) to acquire email address.

The registration page has the look of other pages on our client’s website, which was important: we wanted to condition this first-time visitor in how to interact with the site. But we repeated two offers from the direct mail as a sidebar element. This reassures the visitor that they’ve come to the right place, and reminds them of the reason they responded.

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