How We Increased Freed Associates eNewsletter Click Through Rate 10% By Adopting a Responsive Design

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Project Description

eNewsletter we increased click through rate by 10%Freed Associates is a California-based consulting firm comprised of a team of experts who work exclusively in healthcare.

We assist Freed in managing their WordPress website, publishing content and in creating their bi-monthly eNewsletter. We were able to increase their eNewsletter click through rate by 10% by streamlining articles and adopting a responsive design of the newsletter. This gave a larger, clearer display of the content in mobile, and also caused more articles to be read further down in the eNewsletter.

eNewsletters are a valuable source of well-qualified leads. You can increase those leads by improving newsletter design. Our email experts can fine tune your eNewsletter’s responsive design, increasing its click through rate and views by well-qualified sales prospects. Call us today.