Meeting maker campaign case study cover
Read this case study on developing sales leads to learn about a successful meeting maker campaign that includes an appeal to the client’s need for a more elegant solution for managing network speed, multiple touches, and a carefully designed offer test. The call to action was to set up an appointment for Sales.

The client is a large wide-area network (WAN) software optimization company. The sales process for this category of product is complex—and not made any easier by the fact that it sells to IT professionals, who are extremely busy and difficult to reach. The pain point for these professionals is slow running networks, but isolating the speed issue is often difficult and easily trumped by fire-fighting situations that demand immediate attention. They called us in to figure out how to turn more “warm” leads into prospects and turn more prospects into customers

We did this through the use of very enticing email offers, capped off with a high-end lead development tele-prospecting campaign to schedule appointments for the Sales team to do a demo. We tested offers, telemarketing scripts and lists. Read the case study to find out how it turned out!

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