Mobile Design & Optimization

Mobile Website Design & Optimization

The mobile revolution caught many marketers by surprise. Mobile connectivity was an afterthought: if customers could see an ad and call you on their mobile phones, so much the better. When smartphones came along, it was a bonus that they could see your website in miniature form.

Soon the majority of web visits will initiate on mobile devices, and mobile devices are increasingly the primary platform for many users. Today, the lack of mobile friendly website design can cost you clicks, customers and dollars. On the other hand, a mobile friendly website properly constructed by a professional mobile web developer can build a business through click-to-call, localization and other mobile-specific services.

If you’re just getting started in mobile, Beasley (as a seasoned mobile development company) can help you design and build a site that follows best practices in responsive design and will serve you well for years to come. If you need to upgrade your existing site, Beasley’s mobile web developers can show you the problem areas and give you tactical mobile website design suggestions to fix them quickly while making sure new pages and campaigns are mobile-friendly.

Beasley Direct can be counted on for helping deliver strong business results. In-depth, expert knowledge is coupled with a can-do attitude. We think of Beasley Direct as an extension of our marketing team.
— Tanya Roberts - VP of Accountant and Corporate Marketing -

Mobile Optimization Audit

A Mobile Optimization Audit is an excellent way to experience Beasley’s mobile website optimization and design services while making immediate improvements to your user experience that can result in more sales or leads.

We’ll take a selected cross-section of assets—which might include web pages, landing pages and emails—and evaluate them on a variety of devices and platforms. Some of the issues we look for:

  • Technical problems that keep content from rendering properly on mobile devices
  • Use of non-mobile responsive website design
  • Design elements that are inappropriate for the mobile experience such as too-small buttons or links placed too close together
  • Copy that does not respect the short attention span and limited viewport of the mobile user

When we’re done, we’ll give you detailed recommendations presented in a live review with time for discussions and your questions. From that point you can implement our findings on your own, or retain Beasley for mobile website optimization implementation.

Mobile/Responsive Design

Responsive design refers not to the success of your website in attracting new leads and customers (of course you want that as well), but to a coding convention using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The elements of the page are built following the principles of Mobile First web development, starting with a narrow viewport experience. The design is then scaled up and converted for viewing on larger screens. Two modules which are side by side on a desktop screen might shrink on a tablet, and then be stacked on a mobile device. This allows you to control the user experience so that it is easy to get at your content and offers are presented where they need to be instead of pushed to the bottom.

We recommend responsive website development for all new websites and encourage our clients to apply responsive design retroactively, usually starting with your landing pages. In addition to the technical coding skills required, Beasley’s responsive website development team brings a business perspective in which the most important elements will always get the highest priority.

A responsive design tune up is also an opportunity to review the overall interface for your site. Are buttons the right size for a mobile audience? Are individual links easy to press, or are they too close together? Is it easy to find the most useful or important information, or do your pages need reorganization? Does your content reflect the demographics of your audience? Baby boomers might prefer larger type, while millennials like shorter doses of information.

Above all, we can keep you from looking archaic and out of touch by serving up miniature pages with tiny type on a mobile device. That’s reason enough to engage Beasley as your mobile website builder for mobile/responsive design.

Mobile PPC Advertising

According to a recent Google/Nielsen study, most mobile research starts with a search engine vs. a branded website. Approximately 69% of consumers expect a business to be within 5 miles of their current location, and over half go on to make a purchase within an hour of using their smartphone for research. This means your mobile PPC campaign requires a very different strategy than desktop PPC.

In mobile marketing, we’ve found that the two most useful features on mobile ads are click-to-call and map-to-location. Both features used in mobile PPC advertising attract the mobile user who’s actively trying to find a business like yours. But they’re much less valuable on the desktop. Time of day may also figure into your mobile PPC bidding strategy. If you’re selling drive-through coffee, you might pay extra for that keyword during the morning rush hour.

Beasley has been doing mobile marketing advertising since 2004, increasing our own capabilities as mobile platforms have increased in reach and sophistication over the years. The key to cost-effective mobile PPC today is understanding how information is used on the device, and bidding in such a way that your mobile PPC advertising ads appear only when and where they might be relevant. Ask us how we can do responsive cost-effective mobile PPC campaigns for you, either mobile-exclusive or as part of a larger campaign.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization (Mobile SEO)

The search landscape recently underwent two seismic shifts. First, Google announced that sites which were not mobile friendly would be penalized on mobile device based searches. Second, the total number of mobile searches exceeded desktop searches for the first time. The takeaway: today, mobile search engine optimization is an essential part of your overall SEO effort.

As a mobile SEO company, Beasley works to build a responsive design within your existing content system. By responsive we mean that as the size of the screen changes, content shifts as necessary to remain accessible and legible. We also make sure that graphics, interactivity features such as forms and buttons, and menus are mobile friendly and that downloadable content is not overly large.

One Beasley mobile SEO services client, Artistic Stone, experienced a 30% increase in conversions after a mobile-friendly site was implemented. The conversion applied to in-store as well as online sales, indicating many shoppers did their research on their mobile devices on their way to the store. Another mobile SEO client, a franchise service operation with many local offices, realized that many of the vendor problems that bring it new business occurred when the prospective client was out of the office. Because the prospect could look up “janitorial service” on a mobile device and then click-to-call, business went up dramatically.

Mobile SEO matters—today more than ever.