Copywriting & Design

Copywriting Services and Design

Do words and visual composition still make a difference in an era of multivariate testing, automated campaign management and big data? Of course they do. No matter how complex the underlying technology, copywriting and design are still the ultimate user interface—the way the audience accesses and processes your message.

Our copywriting services team includes senior pros with long experience in classical direct response as well as experts in SEO copywriting services and today’s newest multi-channel tools. They excel at guiding the prospect’s journey from initial engagement through discovery and conversion to a sale or lead. We use words and images to educate, excite and motivate.

What does your audience think of your product or service today? That’s one of the first questions your copywriting services expert will ask you in a creative briefing. What do you want them to think… how are you going to change their perceptions and behavior? That’s the goal of your campaign. How are you going to accomplish that? Hire Beasley Direct and Online Marketing as your copywriting agency.

Beasley Direct Marketing always goes the extra mile! And their effort pays off in measurable results. From creative to copywriting to artistic design, BDM’s know-how and experience brings fresh ideas and execution to every tactic in the campaign arsenal. Not just an agency…a trusted partner.
— Siiri Hage - Director of Marketing Communications - Anritsu Company

Direct and Online Content Writing

The way your copywriter connects your product or service and your audience will be a major factor in the success of your campaign. And there are no shortcuts. Our copywriting services experts take the time to learn what your buyer needs and how you deliver it. Then we tell your story in compelling language that connects with the reader as a human being.

Especially for technical products, today’s copywriters tend to talk in jargon—words that sound impressive to a reader hungry for the next big thing. But that’s not enough. Buyers are still people, with human emotions and concerns about making decisions that will make them heroes instead of costing their jobs. Each online copywriter and direct marketing copywriter meets them on their terms, shows them how you help solve a problem or create an opportunity, and delivers up quality leads or purchasers.

This process is the same whether we’re writing a short email or postcard or a multi-channel campaign. We think of our copy as the equivalent of salesmanship, and we strive to close the deal with compelling benefits to deliver a qualified, knowledgeable lead or sale. Contact us today, and speak with an expert online copywriter or direct marketing copywriter.

Direct and Online Marketing Design

It’s not hard to find a marketing design agency which is adept in the use of templates and web tools to create appealing work. But Beasley as a professional website design company gives you much more. We are comfortable with the latest technology but we use it as a facilitator, bringing to life concepts that begin with classic design principles and skills.

What does your brand and your product or service stand for? Is it conservative, edgy, playful? What images and messages is your prospect used to seeing? Do they respond to bold graphics and short bursts of copy, or will they sit still for a more formal presentation? Questions like these stem from an understanding of the buyer persona which parallels our discovery process in copy.

As the project moves along, we work in a consultative fashion, showing you options and explaining why we did what we did. There’s never a “take it or leave it” posture. You need to “own” your final design as a representation of your organization, and we want to make sure that it reflects you accurately and that you are comfortable with it. At the same time, we’ll take you to places you never expected to go with fresh expressions of your value proposition.

Designs that look good, feel right and achieve their objective by generating outstanding results—that’s what you get with design from the professional website design company, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing.