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An absence of negatives for SurfControl. Beasley as a leading Telemarketing Company

Negative advertising usually doesn’t work — but what if your entire product line is about avoiding threats from internet phishers, stalkers and hackers? That’s the scenario internet security provider SurfControl faced, so as a telemarketing company we decided to go negative in a fun way by creating Roxy — the clueless internet user who’s “about to bring your network to its knees” because she doesn’t follow security precautions.

Record numbers of recipients clicked through for a demo, where they got an iPod shuffle after also sitting through a sales pitch. A one-two punch with follow-up telephone calls garnered still more leads. The client worried that the offer was too generous, and people would respond just for the gift, but over half of them stayed on and took more demos even though there was no further incentive. Nothing negative about that!

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