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Project Description

Print Ad Agency: Turning newspaper readers into Internet browsers at HomeGain

As the fastest growing website for buyers and sellers, HomeGain has been a heavy user of online advertising and search engine placements. To reach a new audience, HomeGain tried something different: space advertising.

The challenge was to convince newspaper readers to put down their papers. Then, go to their computers to register on the HomeGain website. For that reason, we used two hooks to accomplish this:

  • • Satisfaction of homeowner curiosity as to the value of their homes in a hot market.
  • • The opportunity to get a “freebie”, either a downloadable guide on how to maximize a home’s value or entry in a drawing for a Home Depot gift card.

The ad ran in remnant ROP (Run of Press) space instead of the real estate section. The intent was to attract the widest possible readership. Results: the cost per lead was 1/40 that of a previous HomeGain space campaign. The Home Depot offer was the winner in terms of qualified leads generated, but the informational offer also performed well.

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