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Moving drivers and driving leads for Alpine’s GPS solution

The easiest way ever to find directions from one place to another is now available from the convenience of the dashboard of your car: Introducing DVD PowerNAV from Alpine — and a huge challenge for Beasley Direct. Rife with technology, rich interactive interfaces and product benefits, PowerNAV was not an easy sell — even to a crowd who might spend as much on their home entertainment systems as they did on their luxury vehicles.

That’s why we focused on the one frustration that every driver has in common: The pain of not knowing exactly how to get from A to B. It’s especially irritating in an age when detours, traffic jams, outdated maps and just plain distance means more confusion. Hence the key creative tease for this mini Web site, which acted as fulfillment for a lead generation direct mail. Like the direct mail campaign, the site portrays the benefits of PowerNAV within a familiar environment for visitors — to encourage users to visit their local dealer to receive a personal demo and more information.

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