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Integrated Marketing Services – Make a Product They Don’t Want to Buy a Reassuring Choice

Beasley Direct Case History

Alert1 provides a medical emergency alert system for seniors. Consequently, the purchase decision maker is often the “Linda,” who is the child of a senior. Or it’s the “Betty” ‒ a senior who wants to continue living independently.

The marketing challenge is it’s a product they don’t want to have to buy. A decision for an alert system usually means facing health and safety problems, which is a difficult time for both the Lindas and the Bettys. We overcome this using a combination of copy and visuals that communicate Alert1 is a positive choice. Furthermore, we also want them to make the right choice by providing a short quiz to help them know whether an alert system is needed and appropriate. We reinforce the purchase decision with endorsements from major consumer watch groups. As a result, all copy is easy-to-read and benefit oriented. Competitive pricing matrices support low pricing and superior feature statements. Because it’s a product that is usually needed in distressing situations, we make the decision for purchasing Alert1 a reassuring and positive choice.