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Project Description

Tech Giant Anritsu Hires Our Award Winning Direct Mail Campaign Experts. We Exceed Goals by 1,000 to 4,000%, and Increase Potential Sales by Over $3 million.

Our direct mail campaign team was approached by a client and given a challenge. Anritsu is a leader in electronic instruments used by the wireless industry to test and troubleshoot cellular tower transmission lines and base station transmitters. However, market penetration for the BTS Master Base Station Analyzer lagged other Anritsu products and Anritsu had been unable to penetrate the executive suite at top cell phone companies because competitors were strongly entrenched.

We had to convince decision makers our instrument was so much faster, more accurate and more compact that they would buy it next time they needed a base station analyzer. But before we could do this, we had to get their undivided attention with a multi-touch door-opener direct mail campaign.

The first touch: a box the size and shape of the BTS Master with a life-size depiction of its controls printed on all six sides, delivered via direct mail. Inside was a letter, brochure and response card inviting prospects to come to a custom microsite where they could sign up for an in-person demi and receive an iPod shuffle preloaded with BTS Master technical material. All components were personalized, not only with the recipient’s name but also with technical benefits which differ from carrier to carrier.

As a second touch point, we executed an email to the same lines with the same offer including personalization. And in the third touch point, we followed up with outbound telemarketing to set up appointments with responders and to increase conversation from prospects who had not responded.


We had two goals for this campaign:

  • Meet or exceed a projected initial response rate of 2-5% (people who received the mail or email and went to the landing page).
  • Of those, prequalifying 10% to meet the internal criteria of “sales ready leads”- i.e, a prospect who is ready to sign a purchase order if the product meets their needs. (This goal equates to 0.2%-0.5% of the initial mail/email quantity.)

Actual results:

  • 7% of total target contacts visited the landing page.
  • 4% of total targets filled out the contact form.
  • Of these, 49% were qualified as “sales ready leads” during the follow-up call to set up their in-person demo appointment.
  • Through additional telemarketing, a total of 8% of ALL contacts were qualified as “sales ready leads”- a result 1,000-4,000% better than the original projection.
  • Over $3,000,000 of potential sales have been added to the pipeline and more are anticipated as the leads are being followed up.