How We Optimized Marketo and Salesforce for NetBase to Meet Aggressive Qualified Lead Growth

Project Details

Project Description

NetBase Logo. Lead Growth Client.NetBase is a global leader in enterprise customer analytics. We were tasked with optimizing their Marketo and SalesForce implementation, without interrupting sales operations and while increasing sales leads to meet aggressive growth goals.

The first thing we realized as we dug into this project was that the data in Marketo was a mess. There were thousands of unscored leads rattling around inside. We immediately implemented third party data validation and appending services to flag invalid data, update old account data, and append company size, revenue and industry to the data that would be important to the Sales organization.

Secondly we implemented email nurture and telemarketing to unscored or underscored leads to progress or retire them. We also optimized email templates with responsive design, and trained internal staff on how to use them.

Lastly the company struggled with tracking and analytics on campaign performance. We created custom dashboards in SalesForce to track lead stage and conversion, number of sales accepted leads (SALs) trends by industry and LDR, and new business by average deal size.

All of these activities combined to help NetBase meet an aggressive growth quarter and years-end sales goals, and positioned the internal staff to be more successful in maintaining sustainable qualified lead growth.

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