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Integrated Marketing Campaign Produces Larger-than-life Results for Anritsu

Anritsu’s CellMaster is used to troubleshoot connections on cell phone networks. We needed an integrated marketing campaign with direct mail to tell our audience that our product was a breakthrough. It provided virtually all the functionality of a 40 lb. instrument which was carried in a backpack. Most noteworthy, it was a handheld alternative about the size of a sheet of paper.

A life size die cut was created with minimal copy so the promotional piece would look as much as possible like the real thing. Because many in this engineering audience respond by mail, we tipped on a triple postcard. Furthermore, it also gave the opportunity for additional sell copy. Then we “sweetened the pot” by offering an instant-win drawing for an iPod shuffle. Also included was an invitation for recipients to visit a personalized website to see if they had won.

A version of the die cut was created for insertion in trade publications. We created a partner email for house and rented lists. All made the same offer of entry in the iPod shuffle sweepstakes plus a free technical publication when the reader registered to receive more product info.

The overall phone, BRC, and clickthrough responses were: 8% for direct mail; 1.75%% for email and .1% response for the print ad inserts. For a marketing budget of under $100,000, Anritsu enjoyed sales of $1.5 million with an overall sales opportunity estimated by the client of $2.5 million.

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