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Direct Mail Marketing Solution: Driving interest in the PowerNAV car navigation system at Alpine

Alpine PowerNAV integrated several key technologies (including a GPS receiver and a DVD mapping the entire continental US) to deliver the fastest directions from anyplace to anywhere — along with a host of time-saving functions that make driving an altogether more pleasant experience.

Our integrated campaign started with a direct mail pack themed around the pain of being unsure about driving directions, coupled to the promise of solving this problem. Inside, the benefits of this feature-rich product were presented in the context of America’s most familiar user-interface — the dashboard of a car.

Complementing the core creative of the PowerNAV direct mail pack was a totally interactive micro site. To extend the dashboard metaphor from the direct mail, we used a gearshift level as a navigation device for shifting between pages.

From multimedia product demonstrations to lead-capture, the PowerNAV mini site maximizes response by capitalizing on every possible means for encouraging user action.

An interactive questionnaire captured leads and accomplished much-needed research.