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Project Description

Optimizing Google Adwords results at EMC

EMC’s paid search campaigns were not performing up to expectations. Cost per click was high and the overall quantity of leads was low. Beasley Direct designed and executed a wide ranging test with a number of objectives:

  • • To optimize keyword buys by testing a number of ads aimed at specific interests such as project software, data protection, and high availability.
  • • To test landing page messages that would be compelling enough to get visitors to register and convert to sales leads.
  • • To test a rotation of offers including different delivery media (white paper vs. archived webinar vs. podcast, for example) to see which was most compelling.

While detailed results are proprietary, we helped the client learn not only what offers were most successful, but what types of images (and even stock photos of models) generated the best registrations from the landing page. And registrations more than tripled compared to their previous efforts.