How We Helped Launch the Just 4 U Email Program

Project Details

Project Description

A better shopping experience for Safeway customersSafeway is a large supermarket chain that spans several states. Safeway, from the beginning of the internet, had a forward-thinking CEO who believed the internet and data could bring a better shopping experience for more satisfied and loyal customers. This spawned the Safeway Reward Card, which offered extensive in-store reward discount pricing, reward points for gasoline purchases at Safeway and Chevron gas stations, and the grocery delivery service.

Over time, a new idea emerged to give shoppers personalized discount coupons, loaded onto their reward account just for them. This became the Safeway Just 4 U program.

We were hired to help launch the Just 4 U program. We strategized, wrote copy and designed the customer onboarding process, website copy, engagement campaigns, and an eNewsletter program.

This was a major email marketing undertaking to manage highly personalized, segmented data into email templates delivered several times a week. We provided three full time email marketing managers working on-site at the headquarters to manage the daily logistics, programming, set up of emails on Cheetahmail and ExactTarget, and reporting.

The result was a very successful launch and sustained growth for the program…and thousands of satisfied customers.

Are you planning on launching a new or revised personalized customer retention & expansion program? Beasley’s experienced email marketing experts can develop the winning strategy, implement and manage it as we did for Safeway. Call and talk with our experts today.