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Amazing Solutions

Project Description

Healthier Results for Online Alternative Health Company

Amazing-Solutions is a 13-year old entrepreneurial business managed by a very small staff. The company came to Beasley Direct after years of “going it alone” in search of business growth without significantly adding to staff or work load.

Our Approach

Beasley Direct took a consultative approach in three phases:

(1) analysis of the business’s marketing results since inception and set up of a simple dashboard that allowed us to easily review marketing efforts,
(2) creation of marketing tools to optimize ROI for the various efforts
(3) coaching of the client’s marketing staff so that they could make use of the tools and the dashboard.

It was critical to view the business with a professional direct marketer view. This meant that we analyzed how the client was acquiring new customers and retaining current ones as well as where marketing contribution was coming from.

With this snapshot of the business, we proceeded to establish new tools:

  • • A revised direct mail post card as a key offline customer retention tool
  • • An email cross-sell template
  • • A monthly newsletter template
  • • An new email platform to provide more options and tools, such as trigger emails
  • • Search engine marketing including both paid search and SEO
  • • Web site “refresh” effort

Beasley Direct worked with the client’s in-house and contract employees in joint efforts to expand this business and give the client a platform from which make use of these new programs on their own or with assistance from Beasley Direct.


Initially our goals were:

  • • To support current growth areas which included a post card reorder effort and new customer acquisition through SEO and paid search.
  • • To provide more sophisticated and expanded tools for faster growth in coming years.

Actual results

  • • Direct Mail. New creative for the post card led to results exceeding the best past results with an expanded reach to inactives ‒ in an economic recession. The full mailing exceeded past results by 9.13%; the active customer targets by over 24%.
  • • Email Template. The email cross-sell template is now available to quickly and easily produce new cross sell efforts. In our second year working together, email cross-sell testing will be implemented.
  • • Paid search. Initial efforts were successful in reducing cost per conversion by 15% or so. More PPC testing will be needed to improve overall ROI.
  • • Web site “refresh .” The client is leveraging Beasley Direct recommendations to modify the web site for better usability and conversion. SEO will begin after this is complete.
  • • eNewsletter. We created a new, more friendly and skim-able design for the monthly newsletter. The first month’s results were 50% increase in open rate and click through.