Web Analytics

Web Analytics

A wealth of data is available on the people who use your website, and Beasley, as a seasoned and professional web analytics agency, can help you read it in a way that furthers your business goals. Many marketers think of this process as “analytics reporting”, but the real value comes in the way data is defined and then linked by your Google Analytics consultant prior to producing your reports.

Here’s an example: have you linked your Google Search Console (a.k.a. Webmaster Tools) to Google Analytics? Do that, and you can understand how people search for you with data presented in a single, easy to read interface. See your top 1,000 daily queries and where they originated, including your position on the referring site and how many times your link appeared and was clicked. This shows you where you’re doing well and where you need to improve.

Another question: are you using Google Analytics in conjunction with your AdWords campaigns? Beasley can help to integrate all of your cost, impression and CTR data into your Analytics so that you have the full picture of the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns. We will also work with you to integrate other marketing channels into your site analysis, including social media campaigns, email campaigns and traditional display campaigns.

Through external data your Google Analytics consultant can also analyze the devices used to access your site and find the balance of mobile vs. desktop platforms, then spot any platform-based limitations users are encountering. Or, take a look at the average page download speed to find technical problems. This data and more is easy to find and easy to analyze if you know how to use it.

We are a Google Analytics Certified agency and have been analyzing Google results from the turn of the century (when it was called Urchin). Each Beasley Google Analytics consultant starts the process by understanding your business goals and your sales cycle as well as needs for your website which go beyond marketing. We can then recommend the most meaningful data and reports, set up your tracking, and train your staff on how to use analytics going forward. Contact us and let us be your professional web analytics agency.

Beasley Direct has been very helpful and supportive in many of our digital marketing efforts. They take the time to understand our company culture, internal challenges, and helped us identify marketing pain points as well as the low-hanging fruit. We’re happy with the results we’ve seen with our website along with our digital reporting.
— Lisa Liang - Digital Marketing Specialist - Sanmina

Custom Google Analytics Reports Design

Google Analytics is user-friendly and understandable right out of the box, so why do you need custom Google Analytics reports design? Because Google attempts to be all things to all people, and offers a set of built-in reports that satisfy a lowest common denominator. You can customize these reports to a considerable extent, but you may still miss incredible opportunities, which are hiding in plain sight in the data your reports aren’t seeing.

For one client, we created analytics segments based on traffic from their top 150 customers. For another, we set up a customized sales funnel that increased conversion 15-20% by identifying where people were abandoning their shopping carts. A third client we analyzed what people were looking for, and then created custom content areas to meet their needs. In each case, the Beasley client achieved more traffic or more revenue through a customized analysis.

In addition to designing custom Google Analytics reports, we can build customized user segments and custom analytics dashboards — and then work with your team to understand and use them on a daily basis. We can also perform a one-time setup for organizations that are not currently using Google Analytics or not using it effectively. The process begins with a definition of the information desired and the metrics that will be used against the data. It concludes with a much more efficient view of your business which can give you better leads or higher quality customers—a result that is well worth the investment in special report design.