Public Relations and Influencer Marketing

Public Relations Marketing and Influencer Marketing

Successful public relations and influencer marketing establishes your visibility, authority and credibility among the stakeholders and industry influencers who are important to you. Let Beasley’s experts help. We can promote your voice through content creation, forge relationships with key journalists, and guide company leaders in presenting a consistent and compelling story. We study the current issues that are important to your stakeholders and then make sure you “own” the conversation around those issues—through defining statements and powerful content delivered through the right channels.

We also ensure your clear and effective message is penetrating a crowded and noisy market space and your image is a positive one. We monitor, track and measure media coverage, reporting weekly and monthly on opportunities and reach. And we take full advantage of the synergy offered among online public relations, industry influencers, your website, and your paid marketing and search effectiveness.

Public relations and influencer marketing are a consistent, ongoing relationship-based communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public. For this reason, we recommend an ongoing consulting relationship, although our services are also available on a per-project basis when appropriate.

Beasley Direct can be counted on for helping deliver strong business results. In-depth, expert knowledge is coupled with a can-do attitude. We think of Beasley Direct as an extension of our marketing team.
— Tanya Roberts - VP of Accountant and Corporate Marketing -

Big Presence PR

In every field there are specialized publications and journalists and bloggers who can increase your visibility and credibility with your desired audience. We have established trusted relationships in multiple markets, so when you are ready, we can access the right influencers and their followers. We partner with you to provide the quality content that they can publish, quote or reuse. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship: we help them do their job better and they help promote you as a thought leader.

The content provided might include press releases, original articles or invitations to interview your company executives. We pay close attention to editorial calendars and pitch the ideas that will help them attract viewers or readers. Always, we make sure the content is interesting, timely and significant to their followers or readers. We want the press to know they can count on you for the latest news and thoughtful perspective.

Many organizations treat public relations as a numbers game. They prepare press releases and broadcast indiscriminately over the wire services, hoping they will be noticed and possibly published. This shotgun approach is not only ineffective but out of date. At Beasley, we determine the right paid and earned media outlets to promote your product or service in a cost efficient manner. We know which reporters cover which “beats” and we know the editors who will respond quickly when you need attention. We provide them with meaningful, current content and they respond with free publicity which is worth its weight in gold. Ask a Beasley expert today how our Big Presence PR services can increase your company’s leads and sales.

Brand Voice & Brand Management Services

When your company executives and spokespeople are in front of the public—whether it’s for a new product announcement, a press interview, or a presentation at a trade show, we can help them project a consistent brand voice message that enhances your market position and your brand.

The first part of this process is understanding what you need to communicate. We can help you hone your complex story into bite-size statements that are quotable and easily digestible. You won’t be misunderstood and, when many brand voices vie for attention, yours is the one that will be heard. Over time, we can teach the media to come to you first when they need a cogent, relevant statement.

We can work with your executive leadership to coach and prepare them so they are as effective when addressing the public, industry influencers or the press as they are in their daily jobs. Setting clear brand voice message points and directing the media during interviews is key. We will train your executives to follow the scripts we write for them and impart the positive and powerful messages you need to have success.

As required, we can also handle the details of press conferences, educational/sales seminars, product launch announcements and other events, from securing the facility to inviting the right media and other stakeholders. We can help you manage your presence and meet with media at industry events and trade shows. You’ve worked hard for your accomplishments. Count on Beasley’s brand management services experts to help present them in the best light.

Building Followers through Social Marketing Services

Followers are essential to your visibility on social media, but it’s more than a numbers game. Google Web Analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik has defined four metrics for tracking the effectiveness of your participation: conversation, amplification, applause and economic value. We use this model to ensure the right people are engaged with your content. When key social media influencers talk about you (conversation), share your content with others (amplification) and let you know they value it with likes and +1s (applause) then economic value will be the result. And, inevitably, so will additional followers/fans/subscribers to your feeds.

How do you begin attracting quality followers who will help you to build your business? What are the secrets as to how to get followers on Twitter, how to get Facebook followers, or blog followers? Start with quality content, produced internally or with Beasley’s social marketing services support, then let your audience know about it. Monitor the channels of communication to see what others are talking about, then join the conversation with links to your content. For very high value influencers—the thought leaders who exist in any field—it’s worth a direct effort to reach out, introduce your value proposition, and invite engagement. Contact them by email, or post on their internal blogs; ask yourself how to get blog followers, how do thought leaders attract blog followers? Offer content (via links, or perhaps an offer of a guest post) that supports what they are doing to bring value to their readers.

When Beasley’s social marketing services team works on a social media schedule with our clients, we tie it to the audience you want to reach. If you need to achieve a critical mass of conversations with a particular group, we’ll make sure you have content for that group and that they are aware of it so they will engage with you. We’ll also advise you on the one thing you should not do: pay for followers. Many of these “accounts” are manufactured identities that have no value to contribute to the social conversation. Worse, they can earn you demerits with search engines and legitimate platforms. Let Beasley’s expert social marketing services team bring you quality followers instead.

Blog Management Services: Blog Content Creation

Creating a corporate or organizational blog is easy. Blog content creation in a way that makes it a useful element of social media is much harder. As a blog writer, you need to be consistent, useful and interesting in order to attract readership and the attention of search engines.

Working with your team as we provide you blog management services, we can identify the best spokespeople for your values and programs, and help them establish a schedule for regular posts. As part of our blog writing services we can also interview them or work from published documents to create blog posts that reflect their viewpoints. This way, the voice of your leadership is reflected without undue pressure on managers with other responsibilities.

Timing is almost as important as content if you want to establish regular readership. We’ll recommend a posting schedule that keeps your up-to-date blog content creation in front of your readers while respecting the time or budget you have available to create your posts. We’ll also show you how you can easily repurpose existing or third-party content to generate blog content that your audience will read and share.

For a client in a service industry, for example, Beasley blog management services created a series of blog articles that highlighted seasonal concerns. In flu season, we’d write about how to keep germs under control in an office environment. In summer, we’d talk about how to secure your premises before going on vacation. These topical posts got search visibility and established our client’s authority in its field. They got clicks from people who wanted to learn about the content and were introduced to the service offering as a side benefit. Ask how Beasley blog writing services can bring the same added-value to your blog.