Online & Print Advertising

Online and Print Advertising Agency

Online and print advertising have to work harder because the prospect isn’t necessarily looking for what you have to sell. To draw their attention you need great, interruptive creative and an airtight media plan, as developed by an experienced print advertising agency.

Beasley’s creative is effective because it’s on message and highly engaging. As an example, we created a print ad to support a multichannel campaign for a media client and inserted it in the busy environment of Advertising Age magazine. It was honored for second highest recognition and recall for all ads in that issue—and the only ad that beat it was on the back cover.

Of course, you need more than recognition—you need results. Every Beasley ad is a direct response ad. It includes a call to action and a powerful reason to take that action. As a result you simultaneously draw new customers, support existing campaigns and build your brand.

As for media strategy, our extensive advertising agency experience and familiarity with online and offline resources allows us to recommend the best balance of reach, frequency and pricing. Talk to Beasley about online and print advertising, and we’ll show you how it can fit into your marketing mix. Beasley is your print and online advertising agency, contact us today!

Beasley Direct is a special agency that gets the value of being a true partner with their clients. Having the ability to see where clients need support and helping to train the client’s staff on new and best practices for outbound promotions is where Beasley excels. Not only did they deliver creative, powerful and effective campaigns, they became part of our team, working hand-in-hand to achieve our revenue goals and delivering high ROI for each campaign.
— Katherine VanDiepen - Director of Worldwide Marcom - Anritsu Company

Online Advertising Agency

We’ve found the best banners and online ads express one idea very simply. Draw the web user’s attention, deliver your message, and then give them a reason to find out more. Internet advertising ads following these principles have consistently met or beat our clients’ goals.

Beasley, as an online advertising agency, often produces online ads as part of a multi-channel campaign, to run where the target audience is likely to see them—on the registration website for a trade show, for example, or a website targeting a narrow industry vertical. Display advertising ads should echo the theme you’re using in other media—distilled down to a few words or a memorable image—and can click through to the same landing page you’re using for the rest of the internet advertising campaign.

When the ad isn’t tightly tied to a campaign, you can reduce your risk with pay-for-performance pricing models. Look for websites and e-newsletters where you can pay by the click, not for impressions. This allows you to stuff your lead funnel with buying interest, not curiosity.

Then, once your responses start coming in, make sure you track your metrics carefully and on a daily basis. Fine tune your ad buys depending on which messages and publication sites are performing best and experiment with creative variations to graphics and copy. (Because online display advertising gives you instant results, it’s great for A-B testing). Of course, we’re more than happy to set up these campaigns and help you measure them, as part of Beasley’s professional display advertising services.

Advertising on Social Media

There’s a shortcut to getting noticed on social media: pay for it. As a leading social media advertising agency, Beasley focuses on three platforms that allow our clients to market with ads that appear in the conversational stream, looking very much like the individual updates from users of that social media platform.

But you need to be careful. You’ll be connecting with community members based on information they have volunteered about themselves, and you can’t violate their trust by over-marketing. Consumers can easily opt out of seeing your ads, and a poorly conceived social media campaign may backfire with negative mentions that hurt you.

Facebook now has well over 1 billion users, of which 80% are outside the U.S. and Canada. That means you can reach more people—in almost any country—with Facebook vs. television or radio advertising. Interestingly, Facebook has a very low CPM (cost per thousand impressions), yet allows advertisers to micro-target their audience. While Facebook has easy-to-use ad creation tools for the small business, it’s not much harder to create highly targeted campaigns with rich selects using the Facebook Power Editor. As a leading social media agency, we’ll be happy to tell you more.

LinkedIn is the premier business network with 270,000 members who have provided extensive information about themselves and their job history. You have the choice of advertising within the newsfeed or with a variety of right-column ad formats. Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn has self-serve advertising options but also provides a much more powerful and flexible ad creation and tracking interface through its client services team.

Twitter has the benefit of immediacy. A trending topic will be inescapable for a few hours or days, then it will be forgotten almost as quickly. If immediacy is a component of your advertising mix—whether it’s for an event, a limited time offer, or a product launch—then Twitter makes sense. As an experienced social media agency we focus on Promoted Tweets, which appear in the user’s timeline, capture the essence of current conversations, and appear at the exact time you request.

For these as well as other social media advertising campaigns, the most important considerations are to think conversationally, create an ad that matches the property, and the audience. Beasley is your social media advertising agency, ask how we can help by calling us now.

Retargeting, Remarketing and Content/Display Networks

Retargeting is the process of “following” a prospect with online display or text ads on the Google search network using AdWords remarketing for a page or product they have already seen on your website. Content/display networks are alternatives offered by Google and other search engines that place your ad on a variety of partner sites next to relevant articles.

Both of these ad strategies are generally considered variations of pay-per-click, but they have different design and strategic requirements because they are interruptive—intercepting a web user in the process of doing something else such as reading an article—rather than engaging someone who is currently searching for the product or service you offer.

When you work with Beasley remarketing services, we’ll screen the partner site options for retargeting and content networks, and recommend only those which fit your audience profile and make the most sense for your budget. We’ll also ensure that your AdWords remarketing/retargeting/“follow-me” ads don’t follow the prospect so long they’ll build a negative impression of your company. The ads themselves are simple and straightforward, designed to remind a viewer of why they were interested in the first place.

Best of all, when you work with Beasley remarketing services we can manage retargeting and content networks alongside your PPC and other advertising. So you have just one AdWords remarketing partner to deal with and one consolidated report to make your life easier. Contact us now!

Mobile PPC Advertising

According to a recent Google/Nielsen study, most mobile research starts with a search engine vs. a branded website. Approximately 69% of consumers expect a business to be within 5 miles of their current location, and over half go on to make a purchase within an hour of using their smartphone for research. This means your mobile PPC campaign requires a very different strategy than desktop PPC.

In mobile marketing, we’ve found that the two most useful features on mobile ads are click-to-call and map-to-location. Both features used in mobile PPC advertising attract the mobile user who’s actively trying to find a business like yours. But they’re much less valuable on the desktop. Time of day may also figure into your mobile PPC bidding strategy. If you’re selling drive-through coffee, you might pay extra for that keyword during the morning rush hour.

Beasley has been doing mobile marketing advertising since 2004, increasing our own capabilities as mobile platforms have increased in reach and sophistication over the years. The key to cost-effective mobile PPC today is understanding how information is used on the device, and bidding in such a way that your mobile PPC advertising ads appear only when and where they might be relevant. Ask us how we can do responsive cost-effective mobile PPC campaigns for you, either mobile-exclusive or as part of a larger campaign.

Print Advertising Agency

Do old-fashioned “space ads” still have a place in an era of pay-per-click and micro targeting? Yes, if they’re done right. We frequently produce print advertising ads to extend our multichannel campaigns. These ads promote awareness and make a message more familiar when it also arrives via email or direct marketing mail about the same time. They can also attract new prospects who enter your sales funnel through a web or phone response to your ad.

Even when you’re using the real estate for a high concept communication, there’s still room for an offer and a call to action. Engage readers, then tell them how they can find out more and give them a reward for doing so. Such ads work best in vertical publications where good creative and a powerful message will stand out and create positive awareness of your brand.

Beasley, as a veteran print advertising agency, has created ads for magazines and trade show publications where we want to be noticed and remembered in a highly competitive environment so conventioneers will put our client’s booth on their short list. And we’ve used local newspaper print advertising to get attention to highly localized offers, such as real estate services.