Marketing Lists

Marketing lists come in two basic flavors: Vertical and Compiled. Vertical lists typically come from publishers who create content for various interests. Compiled marketing lists are aggregated from multiple data sources. For example, consumer compiled data may include data collected from DMV records, public records, credit, and mortgage data. Business data can be compiled from legal filings, phone surveys or business directories. Sometimes compiled lists also use web-sourced techniques, such as phishing the internet to find name and contact data, or through social sourcing.

Beasley has been providing lists for our clients for more than 25 years. Since we are judged on numbers for the success of our campaigns, we’d rather consult with you to make sure your lists are as good as they can be vs. working with third party lists of unknown quality. If lists are all you need, we can work with you as a list broker on an ad hoc basis. We provide accurate direct mail and email lists for our clients.

You can save effort and avoid duplication or missing pieces in your audience strategy by asking us to act as your broker for marketing lists, researching and coordinating your list selection. Let us handle the details of contacting owners, verifying list integrity, cutting P.O.s and the rest. Best of all, it costs no more to rent lists through us than to get the same lists on your own.

I think of Beasley Direct as one of the most knowledgeable direct marketers I know and I often turn to them for advice.
— Denise Greenberg - Owner and President - Targetright Marketing

Email List Rentals

Email address list availability has vastly improved in recent years. You can now get many of the selects which traditionally were only available in postal lists, allowing marketers to micro-tune their audience by title or purchasing interest, physical location, and recency of last transaction with your list source. You can often get email lists to match postal lists for a multi-channel campaign, where we’ve found the number of matches will range from as low as 15% all the way to 100%.

While compiled email lists are available, we’ve found that the best lists are opt-in lists with prospects who have signaled interest in your product/service category and their willingness to receive promotional emails. However, you still need to target them with highly relevant offers if you expect results. We can help you select and compile the right lists, then target them appropriately with messages that recipients will be eager to read. Contact Beasley today for the best email list rentals. A Beasley email address list can increase your leads, sales and ROI.

DesignCleaning Your Email List

It’s estimated that 30% of your email list becomes invalid each year. Customers and prospects change email accounts, jobs or names at an amazing rate. Email deliverability is affected by how clean your list is. When a list hasn’t been updated in a while, dead or incorrect addresses lower your response, and also can lead to blocking by ISPs, who are trying to determine if you are a legitimate email marketer. Ask us about our three-step process for email list scrubbing in which we verify the deliverability of each address, check it for typos, and remove known spam traps, disposable domains, frequent spam reporters and other problematic addresses.

Direct Mail Lists

In the 25 years as a direct mail company we’ve been renting direct mail postal lists for our clients, the process has become increasingly complex. Today your direct mail list contacts may be part of a multi-touch campaign so you’ll want to know whether the same names are available as email lists and telemarketing lists. And if you’re marketing a technical, high ticket product you may need to reach multiple titles within the same company—such as the person who signs the Purchase Order, and the person who actually uses the product.

All of this complexity can increase the task of a direct mail list selection exponentially, for the marketer who tries to do it in-house—and also increase the possibility of a disappointing mailing result if the lists aren’t what they appear to be. The smart alternative is to let Beasley, a direct mail company, source your direct mail lists for you. There’s just one broker—us—no matter how many lists are involved and no additional paperwork to deal with. And you can be sure we’ll help you design a test and roll out plan and track results on the back end because results are what you’re paying us for.

In addition, Beasley as a seasoned direct mail company is experienced in the acquisition of international direct mail lists for your global campaigns. And we’re fully conversant with mailing requirements both in the U.S. and abroad, so we can maximize delivery.

Laurie Beasley and her team from Beasley Direct and Online Marketing are the most customer-centric marketers I’ve worked with! Consummate professionals, technical experts, with a broad and diverse network of support staff available to address the most challenging situations, the Beasley team is as dedicated to achieving my clients’ results as I am. And they focus not only on an effective solution – but a cost-effective solution. That’s what differentiates Beasley in the marketplace – the goal of generating cost-effective results on time and on budget. They are my first choice.
— Kathleen Courtney, President – XDM Corporation

Telemarketing Lists

We provide contact lists to our clients who are running multi-touch, demand generation campaigns and also to marketers who rent telemarketing lists on an ad-hoc basis. In both cases, the most important consideration for you as the telemarketing list buyer should be the quality of the contact information and buying interest.

Because using the telephone is more expensive than other forms of marketing, you can’t afford to put up with bad data. Yet corporate mobility is a reality of today’s economy, so we work hard to find lists that have been validated for accuracy of the prospect’s title and company identity. That makes it easier to find the right person or to be redirected if they’ve changed position.

We offer compiled telemarketing lists that are verified for currency and correctness that will get you into the C-suites of top companies in your marketplace. A Beasley telemarketing list can put you in touch with mid-level buying influencers who have expressed interest in learning about products like yours through their answers to surveys or other polling methods. And if needed we can create a custom list to fit a particular requirement, or update your own list with the latest names and titles. Call a Beasley telemarketing consultant today.

B2B Lists

The question we are asked most often about business-to-business lists is “how do you tell which are good B2B lists and which are bad ones?” With decades of experience in B2B marketing we’ve found there are five criteria which determine list quality and appropriateness for your campaign:

1. The amount of data that is available. B2B mailing lists may have tens of millions of contacts or a few thousand contacts. Either may be right for your objectives. Start by giving your list vendor a list of key selections for your target audience, which will typically include job function, industry, company size, and geography (if appropriate).

2. Source of the data. Some list owners compile from a single source, others aggregate from several sources. The more sources for your B2B marketing lists, the more complete and valid it is likely to be.

3. How frequently the list is updated. How does the list owner know their contacts are good? Some B2B lists don’t validate. Others use phone only. Some use phone, email, and social media to validate contacts. You should also ask how frequently they validate. Some list owners do so once per year. Others validate every 30 to 90 days. The more validations and the more recent the updates, the better quality the list will be.

4. How well the list fits your target audience. List owners typically profile business lists two ways: by the product or service that is in use at their organization, or by their product interest or purchasing authority. The first will cast a broader net, while the second matches buying behavior. Either may be appropriate depending on your objectives. What’s not appropriate is a broader list that targets all technology buyers (for example) when you only want those who are only interested in a particular platform.

5. Whether the contacts are available for single or multi-use. For a multichannel campaign, you’ll almost certainly want to contact prospects more than once and in a variety of media. The best multi-use list owners will regularly update their B2B lists, because the IT executive who was buying six months ago may have moved to another company or position.

Our experience in sourcing B2B marketing lists has taught us that the most complete, most updated, and most segmented lists will perform the best. Ask Beasley to help you find them!

B2C Marketing Lists

Business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing lists can be compiled from demographic surveys or public records, among other sources. They can also be provided by a list owner who has sold its customers a product similar to yours or a publication that matches your audience profile. While your process for researching consumer mailing lists is the same, it’s important to understand two important differences between B2B and B2C marketing lists.

First, even compiled business lists have some level of purchasing intent simply because businesses need to buy products or services to stay in business. The same isn’t true for business to consumer marketing lists. Consumers may be interested in reading about travel, for example, but that doesn’t mean they are ready to buy your travel magazine or your vacation package. Second, as a general rule the purchasing level for consumers will be lower and they will be less likely to become repeat customers.

Both these limitations on consumer mailing lists can be mitigated through careful list selection. Mail-responsive lists (such as a list of people who’ve subscribed to a magazine after receiving a direct mail solicitation) perform well for direct mail because they show a purchasing pattern. Accurately compiled consumer mailing lists which include income level, age and favorite hobbies might be a good way to find prospective buyers for an SUV, even without purchase intent.

The key is to be very specific in what you’re looking for when you talk to your B2C marketing list broker, know what you’re getting when the lists are recommended, and then make sure your marketing message is relevant and appealing enough to convert casual readers to buyers or prospects. Beasley can help you put together a plan for success, whether you’re engaging us as a list broker or for a complete B2C campaign.

Customer Profiling and Segmentation

Ideally you know exactly what age, hobbies, gender, and income bracket you want to target with your list selection. But sometimes you don’t know who is buying your product, or who is a likely prospect. In this case we can conduct customer profiling and segmentation of your audience for you, helping you to understand your prospect better and make better selections for future list testing.

Beasley customer profiling and segmentation of a list profile looks at up to 28 consumer and 16 business demographic overlays in order to find and define the common attributes of your audience. Your house file is matched against a comprehensive database to create a customized market penetration analysis. This helps you with data segmentation to better target your audience based on psychographic and demographic look-a-likes.

We will provide a detailed demographic report detailing what makes your customers different from everyone else around them. This includes scoring of prospect records to find the best candidates for increasing marketing ROI. Our data append services arm you with up-to-date information, so you can make better target marketing decisions for your campaigns.