Landing Pages

Landing Page Development

Every time a prospect reaches your landing page, you must answer three questions immediately:

  1. Where am I? Your landing page must meet the expectation set in the email, search ad or other referring source. Confuse your prospects or provide irrelevant information and you’ll lose them.
  2. Why am I here? Repeat your offer and expand on its benefits, then tell them exactly how to take advantage of it, right now.
  3. What do I do next? Calls to action must be obvious and easy to find. Make it easy for respondents to get the information or offer they were promised, and reinforce with terms like “for immediate access” to convey instant gratification.

As a landing page designer you should do all the above in as few words as possible and with fast-loading, compelling graphics in a device-friendly layout. Landing pages are not the place for an extended conversation; as the name implies, they are where your newly minted leads touch down before moving on to a deeper relationship and future communications from you.

As a professional web design company Beasley’s landing page development team designs one or more landing pages for virtually every campaign we work on, giving us a broad range of experience across many B2B and B2C products and services. Our landing page designers can also optimize existing landing pages. Your landing pages are the gateway to your customer experience; let Beasley be your web design company and help make the most of them.

Beasley Direct knows their stuff! They really keep up to date on industry standards and best practices and bring that expertise to my business and I appreciate that.
— Dianna Garrett - Director of Communications and Planning - Center for Elder Independence

Landing Page Audit and Optimization

Through changes in landing page design and execution, we’ve seen conversion rates increase by 200% or more. That’s a good reason to ask Beasley to conduct a landing page audit on your existing landing pages and make recommendations for improvement.

We start a landing page audit by simulating the user experience to discover disconnects within the page that make prospective business fall through the cracks. Does the landing page load in under 4 seconds (that’s Google’s minimum recommendation)? Is your key selling proposition presented above the fold, or on the first viewport on mobile devices? (According to MarketingSherpa, fewer than 50% of respondents scroll to the bottom of the page.) Is the data capture form short? (We recommend 3-5 fields maximum.) Are submit buttons easy to find, with action oriented captions?

We can also help you set up multivariate testing to optimize your landing pages even further. Often a minor landing page optimization change in a headline, offer copy or even the order in which you ask for information can make a noticeable difference in conversion. We particularly recommend pre-populating landing page fields when possible, a step that can dramatically improve results.

At your request, Beasley can perform an independent landing page audit of one or more landing pages and provide a detailed report with specific suggestions and examples of best practices. And remember that we’ll apply those same best practices automatically, if you choose to have us create a complete campaign for you.

Campaign PPC Landing Page Design

The campaign landing page is where your prospect ends up when they click on your PPC ad. It can be an existing page on your site or a new page developed for the campaign. A PPC landing page should deliver on the promise of the ads that drove the users to it and provide just enough information that the reader will take the desired action—making a purchase, registering for an offer, or proceeding with a guided path to discovery.

Beasley excels at landing page development and landing page optimization, creating pages that satisfy visitors’ expectations when they click on your link. They’re subtly reminded of why they were interested in the first place and provided with benefits for interacting with you further. We can also work with you to optimize PPC landing pages created in-house, and can perform multivariate testing to fine-tune your landing pages in the same way we optimize PPC advertising.

Landing page development and design is key to catching the reader’s attention and directing their eye flow toward your offer. Don’t try too hard to make it look just like the rest of your website—if it doesn’t engage them, then they’ll never see those other pages. Ask Beasley to help you design your landing pages with landing page optimization that can get more leads and sales.