Event Promotion & Support

Event Promotion

Events mean deadlines. If you don’t get the word out to the right audience in advance, you may be faced with low registrations for your seminar or low traffic on the trade show floor. Let Beasley, an event promotion company, assist with your event promotion and planning to help ensure you are successful.

We’re experienced with event promotion at every level, from local sales events to participation in international conferences. We can help publicize your participation in advance, and also help you draw same-day traffic from people who are interested in your product or service and ready to engage.

In an era of virtual communication, there’s still no substitute for one-on-one meetings in real time and face-to-face. You’ve only got one chance to make a good first impression with show floor visitors and event attendees. Beasley is a professional events promotion company that can help you put your best foot forward.

Today’s advertising challenges mean you need a guru to guide you. Beasley Direct will always begin by listening to your goals, often helping to devise better offer configurations to improve measurement and results.
— Jan Carozza - Director of Marketing Communications - CSR Professional Services

Event Marketing Strategy

Event planning is often tactical and reactive. You’re responding to requirements from the show floor organizer or the venue planner, and you’re focused on avoiding mistakes and missing deadlines. That’s fine—but you can’t afford to lose sight of why you’re participating in the first place.

In the early stages of event planning, Beasley’s event marketers can help you with messaging concept development. Our event marketing strategy will focus on listening carefully to your event goals, understanding your target audience, and providing concept development that could range from a complete messaging platform to specific communications and event signage. We’ll advise on the best sequence and timing of pre-event communications and how to say just enough to stimulate excitement and curiosity.

If you’re already underway with pre-event planning and your registrations are falling short or your communications have wandered off-message, it’s still not too late to engage professional event marketers. Beasley has been called in repeatedly to revitalize an event campaign or to redo an in-house effort. The most common errors are trying to say too much, providing too many confusing calls to action, and satisfying the desire of internal stakeholders to position the event at the expense of building excitement.

Keep in mind that event messaging has a well-defined framework, but that means you are in competition with everyone else who is clamoring for the attention of your target at the show or on their calendar. We’ll help make yours the “can’t-miss” booth or event.

Event Advertising and Event Promotion

How do you use event advertising to get your event onto the calendar of the busy decision-makers who are your prospect audience? How do you get visitors to a major trade show to put your booth on their short-list and show up for your demos and sponsored sessions? Here are just some of the communications channels in which Beasley has extensive experience as an event promotions company:

  • Website: We can create a mobile-friendly microsite or portal to support your event promotion and registration, and make that site very robust with organic search optimization and social media.
  • Email: We can write, design, and provide list planning for a full email communication plan for your event. We can also supplement or provide a template for your in-house efforts.
  • Direct Mail: We can write, design, and provide list planning for event brochures and mailers and make them stand out among competitors in the mailbox.
  • Telemarketing: Is your event registration falling short of expectations? We can execute a telemarketing strategy to fill seats.
  • Pay-Per-Click and Local Search Engine Optimization: We’ve found it highly effective to use PPC and local SEO in promotion of on-site meetings or seminars.

It’s easy to get lost in the details of event planning. Let Beasley as an experienced and professional event promotions company manage your event advertising promotion communications, so you can stay focused on the big picture.

Exhibit Booth Graphics

Trade show booth design, retail kiosk or other exhibit design should invite people in, then reward them with a relevant experience that supports your marketing objectives. You need to be true to your branding but translate it into an interactive, multi-dimensional experience. Your exhibit booth graphics also needs to attract attention in a busy environment where there is intense competition for the eye. Beasley can help you achieve all these objectives.

We’ll start planning your trade show booth design by asking about the strategy of your participation. A booth that seeks to engage visitors in conversations and demonstrations will have a very different layout than one that’s simply designed to collect leads. We’ll ask about the shows where you participate and research the environment including traffic patterns and the major players. We’ll want to understand your use of colors and logos so we can build on brand recognition while introducing you to a broader audience with your exhibit booth graphics.

We’ll also ask about budget and other practical considerations. A smaller booth, even one with a modular design, can seem bigger than it is through the creative use of vertical space. A large booth can be made to work harder with multiple zones and entry points—or you may be able to downsize without losing impact, and free up dollars to use for event promotion. Part of the budget consideration: the logistics of getting your booth to the show, and getting it set up and broken down.

On the trade show or other exhibit environment, your exhibit booth graphics display represents your company to people who may have no prior connection or awareness of you. Let Beasley help you make that first encounter positive and profitable through your booth design.

Promotional Items and Advertising Specialties

A Beasley client had a problem: the high-end testing device they invented had slipped to an also-ran position in its market. Instead of promoting product features, we produced a poster illustrating the descent of the Curiosity Rover to the surface of Mars—an astonishing engineering experience of great interest to the target audience. The poster also spotlighted the precision measurement capability which was a feature of our client’s device. The promotional items giveaway became highly popular, and the promotion exceeded its marketing goals.

That’s an example of how promotional items can achieve the dual purpose of attracting attention and showcasing your brand, product or service. You need to do both for your giveaway to be successful and effective—whether it’s a poster, a custom publication or a practical or novelty gift.

Beasley will strategize with you to define your promotional objective, then suggest a way to achieve it within your budget. We have a network of trusted advertising specialties vendors who are able to execute our requirements even with very short turnaround. Given longer lead times, we can creatively source possibilities from around the world and find the right promotional items at the right price and then customize them with your messaging.