Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Effective email marketing is a combination of creativity and science. We help our email marketing services clients think through both.

The creative side of email marketing is copy, design and personalization, using the data you possess about your audience’s preferences and behavior to deliver highly targeted messages. The science side includes familiarity with email marketing best practices for list building and maintenance, email transmission platforms, deliverability management, dynamic content, establishing the right time and day to email, and designing/coding for mobile.

Beasley, a veteran leader among email marketing companies, has extensive experience in every aspect of email marketing, from crafting and designing messages, to helping you manage programming, sending, and post-analysis. Our hundreds of engagements with marketers tell us what’s working best in a changing landscape. Typically, using email marketing best practices, we are able to make dramatic improvements in opens, click-throughs, and conversions compared to the status quo.

We had the pleasure of working with Beasely Direct and Online Marketing recently and it was a terrific experience. Reviewing our existing email campaigns, providing a customized training course for our team members and providing solid technical advice to make our campaigns work harder and generate more response – they provided the total package. Beasely Direct is a group of experts, working together to provide high-value support to their direct marketing clients. These guys really understand the metrics and technical aspects of email marketing and B2B Lead Gen!
— Bill Gattinger, Senior Manager, Traffic and Direct Marketing - ATB Financial

Email Marketing Strategy

What is the goal of your email marketing strategy —lead nurturing, an initial registration or a direct sale? How will you handle responders when they click through to your offer? Will your emails coordinate with other efforts, such as a direct mailing to the same audience? For multiple contacts to the same recipient, how will you time your emails so they keep you top-of-mind without becoming annoying? What are the email marketing best practices?

In the rush to get the emails out the door, many marketers don’t think about these strategic questions. We at Beasley never forget email marketing best practices. Your audience has high expectations of what they want to see from you: great offers presented in a timely manner, with the frequency they prefer. Disappoint them and they can delete your email with the tap of a button, unsubscribe so you no longer have legal permission to contact them or, in a worst case scenario, report you as a spammer—a black mark that affects your online reputation and email deliverability.

A thorough campaign strategy planning discussion is part of every Beasley email assignment—even if it’s a one-off contact to a rented list. With Beasley’s effective email marketing strategy, readers will recognize your message as relevant and valuable, then they’re much more likely to open and click through to your offer. Let us show you how we can make your email more successful while avoiding negative consequences of too-eager marketing.

Email Copywriting

Beasley, a leading provider of email copywriting services, has completed copywriting-only assignments for email clients in which response jumped dramatically, compared to incumbent agencies or in-house resources. We prefer working on all aspects of your email campaigns, of course, but these successes are worth noting because the copy is the only variable. How do we do it? Through a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of email as a creative platform.

The first requirement for effective email copywriting is brevity. Every word the email copywriter uses must count. If the reader spots flab or fluff, they’ll move away. Yet at the same time you must connect with your prospect and paint a powerful word picture of your offer and the benefits it can bring. This requires research into your audience and product or service and how the two intersect by the email copywriter

An email copywriter also needs to be skilled in the technical aspects of email: what statements, teasers or offers go in the subject line, the pre-header, the headline, body copy, sidebar and footers and how they all coordinate for a unified message that does not repeat itself unnecessarily. An email copywriter that can create transactions resulting in leads and sales is a specialist copywriter.

Even though it’s a technical medium, the words within your email will make your campaign succeed or fall flat. Beasley email copywriting services, on their own or as part of your coordinated campaign, can help you win more sales or leads.

Email Design

Today’s email designer must also be a skilled problem-solver—specifically, dealing with the problem of hybrid viewership. Your audience moves seamlessly from desktop/laptop to mobile devices; according to IDC, 49% of emails are now opened on a smartphone. This means as an email design agency we must apply best practices to make sure your email is effective no matter where it is viewed.

Whenever possible, Beasley will recommend a mobile aware or responsive email design (in which the elements of your email shift to adapt to the platform) to optimize response from both desktop and mobile viewers. We also optimize the use of HTML text (which is always rendered) and make sure that images which might be blocked by Outlook or Android devices are placed so they don’t interfere with the legibility of the message.

These technical design strategies are in addition to traditional direct response design skills which present a powerful and visually appealing message in a way that involves the audience. Even with shifting design elements, we are able to guide eye flow so your prospect is never confused about your message or offer. We do this while honoring your design or brand conventions as well. Contact a Beasley email designer today; we are your professional email design agency.

Email List Rentals

Email address list availability has vastly improved in recent years. You can now get many of the selects which traditionally were only available in postal lists, allowing marketers to micro-tune their audience by title or purchasing interest, physical location, and recency of last transaction with your list source. You can often get email lists to match postal lists for a multi-channel campaign, where we’ve found the number of matches will range from as low as 15% all the way to 100%.

While compiled email lists are available, we’ve found that the best lists are opt-in lists with prospects who have signaled interest in your product/service category and their willingness to receive promotional emails. However, you still need to target them with highly relevant offers if you expect results. We can help you select and compile the right lists, then target them appropriately with messages that recipients will be eager to read. Contact Beasley today for the best email list rentals. A Beasley email address list can increase your leads, sales and ROI.

DesignCleaning Your Email List

It’s estimated that 30% of your email list becomes invalid each year. Customers and prospects change email accounts, jobs or names at an amazing rate. E is affected by how clean your list is. and also can, who are trying to determine if you are a legitimate email marketer.

Email & Marketing Automation

Beasley is well versed on executing emails on sending platforms including Marketo, Pardot and ExactTarget (Salesforce Marketing Cloud), Act-On, and Silverpop (IBM Marketing Cloud). As part of our email and marketing operations services we can work seamlessly within your existing platform, or help you choose and get set up on a new platform including loading your data, setting up subscriber preferences, lead scoring, engagement engines, building complex nurture funnels, revenue engines, creating email templates, and integrating email marketing software with your CRM or sales automation system.

We are experts at and will make sure your lead data is properly mapped to Salesforce, and lead scoring is implemented for Sales. We also can work within Salesforce for data cleanup, lead assignments, reporting dashboards, and content portals.

We offer ad hoc email marketing staffing and services in which we create your emails and load your lists for transmission internally on your platform. At client request, we can play the role of your email sending staff or place a contract email developer at your facility to help strategize and implement the email campaign calendar. In short, we can do whatever it takes to get your email delivered without a hitch.

Beasley Direct and Online Marketing can you help you on the following email and marketing automation platforms:

Marketo is a robust B2B marketing automation platform which hosts your email campaigns and landing pages and allows for complex lead scoring and nurturing. Our email programmers are Marketo Certified Experts.

SalesForce Marketing Cloud (Pardot/ExactTarget) ExactTarget is email marketing software within the SalesForce Marketing Cloud used primarily for consumer email campaign management. Beasley is an ExactTarget Silver Partner. We are also experts in AMPscript, a proprietary ExactTarget scripting language that can be embedded within HTML emails, text emails, landing pages, and SMS messages. The system processes the script at the point where you include it in the message to render content on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis. This allows for highly personalized email messages that populate relevant data based on the subscriber’s preferences and behavior.

Pardot is the SalesForce Marketing Cloud solution for B2B which allows for lead scoring, nurture paths, detailed lead reporting and account mapping.

Act-On is a marketing automation solution designed to meet the needs of the small and mid-sized business, and the smaller marketing teams often working inside big enterprises. The Act-On platform is loaded with powerful cutting-edge capabilities, and we can help you implement Act-On in days rather than weeks. We can also help you integrate with other tools and your sales or customer automation platforms.

Silverpop (IBM Marketing Cloud) provides flexible email marketing services used by both B2B and B2C companies. It includes an email sending service, behavior marketing, and marketing automation platform.

Need help choosing a service? We’ll be happy to advise you. The biggest factor is the level of personalization, data integration and dynamic content required. For B2B, lead scoring and nurturing capabilities are also important features we’ll help you evaluate.

Email Deliverability Audit

In an environment where success or failure is measured in tenths of a percentage point, every email message that fails to get through to its intended recipient is a lost opportunity. One of the biggest causes: the proliferation of email blocking software called spam filters, which trap as much as 25% percent of email sent for legitimate marketing purposes.

Many factors can set off email blocking software filters — from incomplete HTML code elements, to the overuse of “spammy” words, to the code behind the email message. With the presence of email filter software, you can get away with one or two of these triggers, but the cumulative effect can cause your email to be rejected at the ISP level, corporate, or PC spam filters. And most of the time, you’ll never know if or where the email has been caught by email filter software.

Ask an expert Beasley email deliverability consultant to analyze your next email campaign before you send it out, and you may be able to improve deliverability up to 50% or more. Email audit results can be delivered quickly to meet your campaign schedule.

This makes the Beasley Email Deliverability Audit not only an excellent value, but a perfect way to get acquainted with our services. To schedule your own deliverability audit, contact a Beasley email deliverability consultant today.

Want to try your own email deliverability audit? Download our hands-on guide How to do Your Own Email Audit.

The area where we have worked most closely together is email deliverability. Beasley Direct has a tremendous depth of expertise in how to craft email to get it past spam filters – and to display correctly once it arrives in the inbox. This is a particularly challenging field because it changes constantly – and Beasley Direct is always on top of the changes.
— Denise Greenberg – Owner and President – Targetright Marketing

Email Mobile Optimization

Nearly half of all messages today are opened on a mobile device. If your email template isn’t optimized for mobile, these readers may not be able to read it easily or even see what it contains (maybe that’s why mobile click-through rates are just half those of desktop emails.) You need to mobile-optimize your emails now, as part of your email marketing optimization strategy.

Consider the following email mobile optimization tips. People read emails differently than web pages: in a top-down sequence, rather than scanning the page. Be sure the reader will get a compelling reason to read on in the subject line and pre-header and that the top of the email contains useful information instead of a distorted graphic, tiny type or simply a blank box. The easiest way to do this is through using an email strategy that includes mobile aware and responsive design (in which elements shift depending on size of the window used to view the email.)

At your request, Beasley’s email marketing optimization experts can perform an audit of your email template and sending platform against a variety of receiving email programs, both desktop and mobile. We’ll make detailed email mobile optimization recommendations which you can perform on your own, or with our help.

DesignSome considerations in email mobile optimization

  • Content first: think top-down hierarchy
  • Large text sizes to ensure readability
  • Use contrast to ensure readability across brightness levels
  • Don’t cram content into the viewport –honor legibility over length
  • Keep buttons least 44px square for easy tapping
  • Keep links/buttons to the center or left where they can be seen wherever the viewer is scrolling
  • Separate links to avoid touching two links
  • Repeat calls to action so they can be seen wherever the viewer is scrolling