Content Marketing

Content Marketing

All marketing involves content—but not all content is effective marketing. You must provide objective information that is useful to your audience and relevant to the issues they are facing. Do this conscientiously and you will generate confidence and trust that leads to lasting relationships. As a nice bonus, you’ll also get lots of attention from Google, which increasingly focuses on content in its search algorithm.

As marketing platforms have evolved, so have the opportunities to attract business through content marketing. According to MarketingSherpa, a multimedia messaging strategy is the single most important strategy in getting your audience to engage. Start with a white paper and then repurpose its findings as short articles, social media posts, possibly a podcast or webinar. Or start with a blog, build a library of related posts, then publish a collection and share it with snippets that point back to your website. You have valuable information about your area of expertise, and you have an audience hungry to receive it.

Beasley, a content marketing agency, has been doing content marketing since long before there was a thing called content marketing. With so many technical companies spouting jargon and raw stats in their advertising, we advised our clients to address their customers as people. We provided tech guides and web resources that were so useful, a prospect would happily engage to access them by entering into a sales conversation. We’re an experienced, professional content marketing agency. Let us show you how to turn your stored knowledge and experience into content marketing.

Beasley Direct's ability to understand our customer’s experience and voice, and then turn that into compelling stories that touch the customer, was never achieved with other agencies we used. I highly recommend Beasley as an agency partner, and as a resource for achieving your company’s demand gen goals.
— Katherine VanDiepen - Director of Worldwide Communications - Anritsu Company

Content Strategy

For an effective content marketing strategy, you need to know how content will be used before you create it. This starts with an analysis of your audience and their interests both as business decision-makers and personal information-seekers. As an example, one of our clients found a high percentage of their prospects were interested in spectator sports, so they created a content campaign with the National Football League as its subject.

You also need to know how to optimize your content for Search Engine Optimization—something Beasley excels at, since SEO is one of our primary services along with content marketing. The proper use of article titles, keywords and placement within your website can make a huge difference in how your content is discovered and indexed by the search crawlers. A content marketing strategy using optimized content earns you higher rankings, which means more people will see it—a double bonus in content marketing.

One key SEO factor in content strategy is real authorship—proof that an actual person wrote it and it is unique, not repurposed from another source. You can do this by including names and bios of article authors (and of course the bios can include keywords appropriate to your content and your audience). Real authorship also brands content as yours exclusively. Other content publishers must ask your permission (or follow your guidelines) to reuse it and will usually give you a credit and hopefully link back to your site, giving you still more audience exposure.

With a well-planned, SEO-optimized library of appropriate content, the final step of your strategy is to deploy it. Beasley, as a seasoned content strategy agency, can help you with the “where” of how to get noticed and also the “when”—a schedule that makes sure your audiences see your content at the appropriate time or the relevant step in the sales cycle. For example, one of our clients turns unqualified inquiries into informed prospects through a series of emails that took readers through a sequence of increasingly specific content offers. We’d be pleased to tell you more.

Content Creation Services

There’s a wealth of expertise, professional advice and technical knowledge residing in the brains of your team. Not to mention the documentation, files and reports on various projects you’ve completed. All of this is available for repurposing and publishing as proprietary content to help you attract new customers.

We suggest you begin by using this intellectual property as source material for a blog. A blog gets high search visibility and fuels social interaction; even when they don’t comment, readers tell you what topics are most important by the number of views, likes and shares. Our professional content creation services can help you create a blog, update it, and/or optimize using an SEO content creation strategy.

In blogs or other content, make sure you zero in on your customers’ needs. A few tips:

  • Know your audience: Target content to the target market. i.e. HR have different needs than IT.
  • What’s your point? Focus on problems and solutions.
  • Share the wealth: Use your knowledge to give readers specific, unique advice and fresh ideas.
  • Be likeable: Write about challenges you have overcome and improvements you’ve made.

Once you have content, it’s easy to repurpose it and make more content. Webinars can be turned into blog posts. White papers and conference talks into SlideShare presentations. Research reports into infographics. And those odds and ends of case history, technical perspective and trouble-shooting tips? Turn them into an “info kit” or “fact kit”. Contact us and find out how our professional content creation services can increase your leads and sales.