Libratone Works with Beasley Direct to Grow Online Only Consumer Electronics Sales

Project Details

Project Description

Libratone - product line launch clientLibratone is an established Dutch audio brand that was looking to launch a line of high quality wireless speakers in the United States. Libratone wanted to focus on only the online channel to maximize their profit as they entered a highly competitive marketplace with established leaders such as Bose and Sonos. Their marketing manager approached Beasley Direct and Online Marketing (after having worked with us in a previous company) and asked us to launch the pay-per-click and display advertising.

Through a combination of ads targeted at brand building and direct response, along with careful demographic and geographic segmenting and targeting of the potential customer, Beasley helped Libratone to create a successful market in the United States for its products. Libratone US surpassed long established European sales records during the holiday season.

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