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Project Description

Developing a better picture for had a great idea: Make it dead simple for digital camera owners to enjoy film-quality prints from their digital photographs — and just as easy to print their pictures on a wide range of gifts.

Their solution: Create a turnkey process enabling users to upload digital photographs to the Web site where — just by pointing and clicking — they could easily order their prints.

Our challenge: At the time, represented an unknown product in an unknown service category. And many of our audience were already using “photo-quality” printers to create reasonable-looking prints from their photographs. How could we convince digital camera owners to try our superior service?

Our answer: Create one great offer that could be played across every available media. We called it the “Seeing is Believing” campaign and it centered on one theme: “Send us your favorite digital photograph and we’ll send you FREE prints in return.” The offer was incorporated into multiple media including: Direct mail, email, catalog, Web banners and Point of Sale — and was fulfilled via mini-sites.