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Direct Marketing Agency Making the Most of a Creative Test at PayCycle

PayCycle wanted to test the efficacy of specific points within its marketing platform. In this case, they wanted to see whether “automated and all inclusive” would beat out “easy and profitable” in an ad aimed at accountants who might be persuaded to try this online payroll service. PayCycle hired Beasley as their direct marketing agency.

Since our assignment focused on features and the other creative on benefits, we had our work cut out for us! We chose to use screen shots but bring them to life with 3-D graphics. We added a subtext to extend the feature “fully automated” to the benefit that you’ll have much less to worry about. Our results were close to the top in the head-to-head test, which we considered an accomplishment. The client also learned that year end (when this ad ran, and when many accountants are rushing to close their clients’ books) isn’t the best time to advertise to them.