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Spreading the word to a global audience at Anritsu

Integrated Marketing Campaign - Direct mail collateral for AnritsuCampaigns produced for Anritsu in the US were so successful that our Morgan Hill, CA client (a subsidiary of the home company, based in Japan) was tasked as their marketing translation services agency to translate them for markets in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. The media included print advertising, email and direct mail, as well as registration forms for lead capture. Beasley Direct worked very closely with product managers in those countries to ensure the accuracy of the translation of technical information while maintaining a strong marketing message.

A key aspect of these campaigns is that registrants can enter their data in either Latin or Double Byte characters, or both on the same form, whichever is more comfortable for them. This data Is then captured and sent onto Anritsu sales for follow up. To us, it made sense that we would do everything possible to capture the lead, but Anritsu had not been able to find any other agency which was able to provide such flexibility in coding.